ID guide for common Victorian marine animals

Species by picture

bony fish

rays and sharks

dragons and horses


sea spiders

cuttles and octopus

sea slugs

stars and urchins



Species by common name

Rays and Sharks

sparsely spotted stingaree
spotted stingaree
southern fiddler ray
melbourne skate
smooth stingray
gulf catshark
varied cat shark
grey nurse - Port Stephens
grey nurse - Port Stephens

Bony Fish

Bottom sitters

smooth toadfish
southern goat fish
globe fish
ruddy gurnard perch
eastern stargazer
velvet fish
left eye flounder

Small bottom sitters

tasmainian blenny
tasmainian blenny juvenile
stink fish
sailfin goby
long finned goby
Tamar river goby
spiny gurnard
forster's weedfish
common weedfish
spiny gurnard
common threefin
Whitleys scorpionfish


horse shoe
horse shoe juvenile
gunn's juvenile
six spined female
six spined
yellow stripe female
unknown juvenile 1
unknown juvenile 2
unknown juvenile 3

Cylindrical shaped

little weed whiting
hula fish
bearded cod
short head worm eel

Disc or globe shaped

common bullseye
cardinal fish (southern gobble guts)
barber perch
Victorian scaly fin juvenile
Victorian scaly fin
southern blue devil
ornate cowfish male

Striped fish

old wife
old wife (night colouring)
magpie perch (morwong)
moonlighter juvenile
long snout boarfish

Silver or grey

dusky morwong
silver belly
long finned pike juvenile
sea sweep juvenile


blue throat wrasse male
blue throat wrasse female
senator wrasse

Nudibranchs and flat worms

short tail ceratosoma
short tail eggs
verco's verconis
bloody madrella
fleshy doriopsilla
brown trapania
Acotylean sp undescribed
Acotylean sp undescribed
verco's tambja
orange tipped flabellina
haloed nudibranch
Ambiguous chromodoris
red netted chromodoris
black spot jurunna
Sulphur nuomea
chrysanthemum neodoris
jan juc polycera

Cuttles, squid and octopus (cephalopods)

Giant cuttle
Southern calamari squid
southern dumpling squid
southern bottletail squid
Pygmy squid
Southern sand octopus

Seahorses and seadragons

big belly seahorse
big belly seahorse head
short head seahorse
short head seahorse
male seadragon with eggs
seadragon eggs
juvenile seadragon

Crabs, shrimps and lobsters (crustaceans)

Hermit crab
Tiny hermit crab
Big hermit crab
Surf crab
Southern rock lobster
Red bait crab
Red swimmer crab
Ghost shrimp
Sea spiders

Anemones, jellies, sponges, ascidians and corals

Striped anemone
Purple tipped anemone
Sea blubber jelly
Lion's mane jelly
Haeckeli's jelly
Brain (swimming) anemone
Fan and lace coral
Stony coral
Colonial ascidian
Golf ball sponge ball

Stars, urchins and cucumbers (echinoderms)

north pacific star (introduced pest)
eleven armed star
dive-oz star
Uniophora granifera
biscuit star
biscuit star
Nectria wilsoni
sea cucumber
sea urchin
slate pencil urchin
heart urchin