Lobataria newtoni (Watson 2008)

Download Lobataria newtoni paper (418KB pdf) from Museum Vic

This hydroid was photographed under St Leonards Pier in Nov 2006. Dr Jan Watson, dive buddy and hydroid expert, recognised it as an un-described species. More specimens were later found at Blairgowrie and Rye Piers.

Jan's paper describing and naming this hydroid was published in the Memoirs of Museum Victoria Dec 2008.

Lobataria newtoni is a solitary hydroid growing to about 40mm high and 20mm across the tentacles. It attaches to old bivalve shells below the sand and seems to be short lived, appearing and disappearing within a few weeks. Most of our sightings have been in November.

Hydroids are animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria which also includes jellies, coral polyps and anemones.