RC flight videos

Experimental Airlines designs
Photon build timelapse
Photon motor glider maiden
Axon trainer maiden
Synapse wing maiden
Synapse wing coastal dunes
Synapse wing 15kn
Synapse powered
Synapse smoother flights
Synapse weighted sloping
Ansley Peace Drone
APD sloping attempt
Ed's promo of me

My creations
Yellow depron slope soarer maiden
Yellow slope soarer onboard
Orange slim wing maiden
Orange slim wing slope soarer
Adverse Yaw demo
Symmetrical Armin wing
Elevator flutter
Sym wing sloping maiden
Sym wing aerobatics
Motor problem
2m wingspan slope soarer maiden
2m sloper in 10-15kn
Cheeky yellow simple sloper
Depron wing build
Depron wing maiden
Red sloper maiden
2m motor glider maiden
Polyhedral pusher maiden
Polyhedral pusher sloping
FPV maiden

BIXLER 2 motor glider - Hobby King
Bixler tail cam
Bixler beach sloping
Bixler pure sloping
Bixler sloping at Beacon Point
Bixler motor swap

VERSUS Discus Launch Glider - Hobby King
Versus DLG build
Versus DLG maiden
Versus DLG - Day 2
Versus DLG - small thermal
DLG Spring Pull system
DLG transmitter mixes

LE FISH aerobatic slope soarer- Steve Lange design
Le Fish LEG build
Le Fish maiden
Le Fish goes to the beach
Le Fish onboard
Le Fish with paragliders
Le Fish tail cam and other views
Le Fish Ultralight maiden

Phoenix 2000 slope soarer (motorless) - Hobby King
Tie-down wing mod

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