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Franko's is an Australian travel company specialising in tours of Vietnam by private train (over 14 years experience!).  We are the only tour company providing this wonderful travel experience.


Tour bookings for 18 Day Rail Tours in 2008 and 2009 are now available.     Our 18 Day Deluxe Rail Tours, Honeymoon Trips,  and customised Tours of Cambodia & Laos are ready whenever you are!


TOUR PRICES in 2008* start from $3530 pp/ts for 18 Day Rail Tour, or $7900 for 18 Day Deluxe Rail Tour (5 Star).  Cambodia Tours (4 Star/5 Day) from $1090pp/tsLaos Tours (4 Star/5 Day) from $1190pp/ts.  

*NOTES  (1) Prices are for land component only.  (2). Deluxe Tour designed for single group booking of 10 persons. (3) Deluxe Tours incl 5 Star hotels and VIP rail carriages used by government ministers and visiting foreign dignitaries.  (4) Domestic flights within Cambodia & Laos included in prices.

There's no gallery of glossy photos/images to catch your eye here...Sorry!  
We rely on the fact that you are here because you're looking for information on tours of Vietnam ...so we have focused on explaining exactly what YOU could be doing each day if you decide to join one of our tours.  Prices are included for you to consider and compare.  The TRAIN is the clincher! 

 We prefer to send you a 22 minute DVD  - better for you to judge our train, coaches, boats, hotels & restaurants on tour.  Glossy pictures on a website to convince you?   We thought not.   The DVD will allow you to see exactly what our train is all about - enjoying ourselves!

Frank O'Brien (tour escort) first 'visited' Vietnam in 1969.    He ventured back 20 years later, visiting Ha Noi before flying south to see Ho Chi Minh City  ...it was another world.   

Later, in 1992, he travelled on Dorothy Button's inaugural "Train Tour  of Vietnam" from Sai Gon to Ha Noi (aboard "The Reunification Express") and knew immediately that  the train held all the advantages over car/coach/plane that he experienced in 1989 ...everyone could relax, move about freely, AND see the countryside on both sides of the train!  

  The train was pretty basic back in those days but it was comfortable, private and secure ...reading a book, having a beer, a meal, a game of cards, a snooze or simply observing & photographing the ever-changing scenes. All  loved it.   Today it's even better ...Franko's 2 carriages are fully air-conditioned and there's a bar and DVD/TV/CD/KARAOKE system aboard!

Our chartered carriages stay with us throughout the tour.    When we reach the various stop-over destinations (Nha Trang, etc.) our private sleeping & dining cars are disconnected and moved to a siding and secured to await our return in a few days.

We visit ALL the "main attractions" that Vietnam has to offer ...and then some (see Itinerary).   Every stage of the tour; every hotel, restaurant, tour guide and mode of transport  has been fully endorsed by previous tour clients.   We stay at good hotels, dine at the best restaurants, enjoy superb entertainment (dinner show most evenings) and travel everywhere in air-conditioned comfort.   

It's the very best way to see Vietnam!  

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STOP PRESS:  APR/MAY Tours 2008/09  include opportunity to visit 
Long Tan, Nui Dat and Ba Ria on ANZAC DAY.
AUGUST Tours  (Hanoi to Saigon) visit same areas on
**Detailed Itinerary for LONG TAN visit is available ...please call or email us to request copy (and DVD)...we'll send it pronto! 

We also offer 5 Star DELUXE RAIL TOURS of Vietnam   

4 & 5 Day Tours of CAMBODIA (3/4/5 Star)

4 & 5 Day Tours of LAOS (3/4/5 Star)

 4 to 14 Day HONEYMOON Trips (VN/Cambodia/Laos)

Please call or email us for Details, Dates & Prices.  

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