Budd Hartley Budd Family Genealogy.

William (Hartley) Budd, born in 1812, Brompton, Kent, England, the youngest of five children of John Budd and Hannah Evans. His father (a Coal Merchant) was killed when William was only four months old, by a fall into a defensive trench of the Chatham Lines, Kent. John Budd was formerly of Brighthelmstone (Brighton) Sussex. Williams mother, Hannah, remarried a Samuel Hartley (a Soldier), and the family settled in Industrial Manchester, involving itself in Boilermaking. William emigrated from Liverpool (1832) to Tasmania, on the ill-fated Hibernia, which was burnt at sea. He was one of the fortunate survivors, with his half-brother Nathan, but was orphaned by the tragedy. The brothers continued onto Hobart, Tasmania, landing 20th.May 1833, Nathan returning to England, the following month. William married Anne Devereux, Granddaughter of First Fleeters, the couple, crossing over to Melbourne, Victoria (1838), where he pursued his trade as a Builder, building Melbournes first Post Office, and for a time as an Ironmonger, Publician and Mail Carter. Annes grandfather, John McCarthy followed in 1839. In 1846 William purchased land at Wallan, north of Melbourne, involving himself in Agricultural life until his death (1888). His Estate of 820 Acres he called Strangeways.

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