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Edmund/Edward APPS - Pentonville Exile
Edward APPS was twice convicted in Somerset courts.
SOMERSET COUNTY SESSIONS. - The following sentences of the prisoners tried last week at Bridgwater:- Six Months : Edward Apps, receiving a watch, knowing it to have been stolen.
Three Months : Charles Meluish stealing a silver watch, &c., from Eliz. Cowland, of which Edw. Apps was the receiver.
[The Bristol Mercury, Saturday, July 513, 1844, p 2, col 4, 5, clipping provided by Terry Clark]

At the SOMERSET ASSIZES on Thursday 3rd April 1845, Edward APPS, 21, was found guilty of stealing six fowls, the property of Edward Burston, and was sentenced (a previous conviction being proved against him), to seven years' transportation.

Apps conviction
[The Bristol Mercury, and Western Counties Advertiser, Saturday, April 5, 1845, p 8, col 5, clipping provided by Terry Clark]

Edmund or Edward?
Edmund APPS also known as Edward. Occupation of Brickmaker is consistent. (shipping, Ballarat Base Hospital, Bendigo Benevolent Asylum, death certificate)
Edward APPS (1844 conviction)
Edward APPS (1845 conviction)
Edward APPS (1847 shipping)
Edmund APPS (1863 Ballarat Base Hospital admission)
Edmund APPS (1863 Creswick Petty Sessions Court)
Edward APPS (1898 Doctor's application for admission to Bendigo Benevolent Asylum)
Edmund APPS (1898 Bendigo Benevolent Asylum admission)
Edward APPS (1898 Bendigo Benevolent Asylum inmate)
Edward APPS 1900-1901 Bendigo Benevolent Asylum inmate)
Edmund APPS (1901 Death certificate)

Convicts of the Port Phillip District (1999) Keith M Clarke
Exiles to Port Phillip 1844-1849
[p2 of 11]
APPS Edward, Thomas Arbuthnot, arr 4 May 1847 Williamstown. [Source: HO 11/15 p152, COD 115; Ass-Mig]; Trial Court: Somerset Assizes, Sentence: 7 yrs, Date 31 Mar 1845, Conditional Pardon on arrival, DOB 1825, Calling: Brickmaker, Remarks: Convicted of Felony, Received Pentonville 29 Jul 1845, taught trade of Basket Maker, Single, reads & writes, Disposal: Engaged to a Brickmaker - paid by the job.

Instructions dated 27 Jul 1844 from Lord Stanley to Governor Gipps in NSW: "He would be sending to Port Phillip prisoners who had served a term of between one and two years under special discipline in the new model prison at Pentonville. Here it was hoped they would have been 'reformed' and could go out not as convicts but as 'exiles', with conditional pardons to begin a new life in a new country." [p95]

Thomas Arbuthnot arr Port Phillip 4 May 1847, Master Thompson, departed 10 Jan 1847 Portland, 290 men. Surgeon's Journal PRO Reel 3211 [p97]

AJCP (Australian Joint Copying Project) PRO Reel 92 HO 11/15 Thomas Arbuthnot pp139-157 [p110]

Pardons were granted on condition that they remained in the colony until the term of their sentence expired. Nine ships carrying 1750 exiles arrived in the Port Phillip District at Melbourne and Geelong 1844-1849. These were the only convicts who were sent directly to Victoria.

Sir Thomas Arbuthnot departed Spithead 10 Jan 1847, arrived Melbourne 4 May 1847, voyage of 114 days, embarked 291 exiles at Williamstown. The Master of the 621 ton ship was Captain John THOMPSON and the Surgeon was Henry BAKER. There were 89 Parkhurst boys, teenagers convicted mostly for theft - 'expirees' who embarked at the Isle of Wight. Another 150 of the exiles were from Pentonville Prison and the rest were from Millbank Prison.
Nominal List : Supplementary List of 8 Exiles from Pentonville Prison.
No. 8, Register No. 955, Edward APPS, Age 22, Single, can Read and Write, Former trade or Calling: Brickmaker, Trade taught in the prison: Basket maker, Specific description of crime: Felony, Sentence: 7 years, Convicted When and Where: 31st March 1845 Taunton (Lampton), Received When and Whence: 29 Apr 1845 Millbank. Signed Robert HOOKING, Governor 11 Dec 1846. A total of 150 exiles arrived at Port Phillip from Pentonville Prison. [Book 2/3 p264 Assisted Immigrants from UK 1839-1871 VPRS 7310]
Disposal List
No. 7, Edward APPS, engaged to a Brickmaker by the job [Book 2/3 p269 Assisted Immigrants from UK 1839-1871 VPRS 7310]

Pentonville Prison built 1842 North London. more info and a picture
Millbank Prison

Index to convict exiles 1846-1850 State Records of New South Wales (prior to separation 1 July 1851)
APPS Edward, aged 22 yrs, arr Thomas Arbuthnot, Tried Lampton 31 March 1845, Sentenced to 7 yrs, Charge: Felony.

Edmund APPS c1822-1901 and Harriet SEDDON 1842-1907

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