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Aus map  George BAREFOOT 1829-1897

For details of the early life of the BAREFOOT/BARFOOT family in Sydney and Van Diemen's Land see Elizabeth CHURCH BAREFOOT/BAREFORD in Sydney and VDL

9. George BAREFOOT b abt 1829-1830 Van Diemen's Land, most likely to John BARFOOT and Elizabeth CHURCH. (no birth record found)
George BARFOOT d 2 Dec 1897 aged 67 yrs (Devonport West) [Tas 618, TASP (Tasmanian Pioneers Database) 37819] Death registered at Port Frederick which today is the home of the Bass Strait Ferries on the Mersey River Estuary at Devonport.

An elder brother of George, John BAREFOOT Jnr, aged 20, was tried 5 Dec 1837 in the Hobart Supreme Court for horse stealing and was sentenced to Life. On his Convict Indent it stated that his Father and Mother were living at The Springs (later known as Breadalbane). Living at home were two brothers: Michael and George (aged about 7 yrs) and five sisters: Bridget, Ellen, Ann and Eliza - two last married. [CON 16/1 P64-5]

George BAREFOOT aged 26 yrs m 28 Mar 1866 Louisa SODEN aged 16 yrs Tas [AVR 504] at the dwelling of George BAREFOOT at Torquay on the eastern bank of the Mersey River, later known as Devonport East. According to TASP the marriage took place at Port Sorell.

Louisa SODEN b 14 Apr 1850 (Launceston) VDL d/o Frederick SODEN/Mary Ann HOLLAND [Tas 2707, TASP 271449]
Also Louisa SODEN b/chr 14 Apr 1851 VDL d/o Frederick SODEN/Mary Ann [Tas 3917]

Frederick SODEN and Mary Ann HOLLAND

Children of George BAREFOOT and Louisa SODEN:

1. Frederick BAREFORD b 4 Feb 1867 (Port Sorell) Tasmania s/o George BAREFORD/Louisa SODEN [Tas 1204, TASP 30573]
George Frederick BARFOOT d 1950 aged 83 yrs Mirboo North s/o George BARFOOT/Louisa SOWDEN [Vic 19076] bur 10 Apr 1950 Mirboo Cemetery C of E.
George Frederick BAREFOOT bp Tasmania m 1899 Florence MILLINGTON bp Ballarat [Vic 1795] (7 chn b 1900-1909 Mirboo)
Florence Sophia MILLINGTON b 1869 Coghills Creek d/o Frederick Charles MILLINGTON/Amelia POULSON [Vic 1479]
Florence Sophia BARFOOT d 1929 aged 60 yrs Morwell d/o Frederick MILLINGTON/Amelia POULSTON [Vic 15697] bur 21 Nov 1929 Mirboo Cemetery C of E.

2. Eliza Emma BARFORD b 11 Aug 1868 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BARFORD/Louisa SODEN [Tas 1362, TASP 30580]

3. William Thomas BARFORD b 5 Feb 1870 (Port Sorell) Tasmania s/o George BARFORD/Louisa SODEN [Tas 1330, TASP 30575]
William Thomas BAREFOOT d 1933 Longwarry (west of Drouin in Gippsland) aged 58 yrs s/o George Frederick BARFOOT/Louisa TODEN [Vic 12903]
Also known as William Thomas KELLY d 1933 Longwarry aged 58 yrs s/o George Frederick BARFOOT/Louisa TODEN [Vic 12903]
William Thomas BARFORD m 1930 Kathleen SALMON [Vic 7446]

4. Albert Edward BARFOOT b abt 1874 at Don (later known as Burnie) s/o George BARFOOT/Louisa SODEN [no birth record found, TASP 30572]
Albert Edward BARFOOT d 15 Nov 1952 aged abt 78 yrs Somerset, Tasmania (Jo Kotylak)
Albert Edward BARFOOT aged 25 yrs m 22 Nov 1899 (Emu Bay), Isabel DAVIS aged 25 yrs [Tas 109] (5 chn b Tas)
Isabel DAVIS b 31 Jan 1873 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o John DAVIS/Mary GLEGG [Tas 1356, TASP 101707]
Isabelle BARFOOT d 1940 aged abt 67 yrs in Tasmania (Jo Kotylak)

5. Sarah Ann BAREFORD b 11 Mar 1875 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BAREFORD/Louisa SODEN [Tas 1407, TASP 30574]

6. Alfred Ernest BARFORD b 12 Jan 1878 (Port Sorell) Tasmania s/o George BARFORD/Louisa SODEN [Tas 1500, TASP 30577]
Alfred Ernest BARFOOT d 1958 aged 80 yrs Warr, s/o George BARFOOT/Louisa SODEN [Vic 21503]

7. Mary Ann BAREFOOT b 28 Dec 1879 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BAREFOOT/Louisa JORDAN [Tas 1880/2109, TASP 30576]

8. Caroline Jane BAREFOOT b 28 Dec 1879 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BAREFOOT/Louisa JORDAN [Tas 1880/2110, TASP 30578]
Caroline Jane BARFOOT d 17 Mar 1880 age 0 (Port Sorell) Father: George [Tas 628, TASP 30578]

9. Matilda Isabella BAREFOOT b 3 May 1882 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BAREFOOT/Louisa SOADON [Tas 2428, TASP 30579]

10. Emily Elmore BAREFOOT b 9 Nov 1883 (Port Sorell) Tasmania d/o George BAREFOOT/Louisa SODAN [Tas 1981, TASP 30571]
Emily Almar Ellen BARFOOT d 9 Apr 1898 (Devonport West) Tas, aged 14 yrs Father: George [Tas 785]


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