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Tasmania map    Edward CASSIDY m 1839 Ellen BARFOOT

6. Ellen BAREFOOT b abt 1820 (from age at death) or 1821 (from age at marriage) or Aug 1824 (from age at baptism) Van Diemen's Land d/o John BARFOOT/Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY.

Ellen BARFOOT aged 3 yrs in 1825 in the Orphanage at Launceston, Parent: John BARFOOT [Ref CS01/122a Children in the Colony]
Eleonora (Ellen) BAREFOOT 2 and 1/2 yrs baptised 25 Feb 1827 at St John's Roman Catholic Church Hobart, parents' names John BAREFOOT and Elizabeth, Sponsor: Allicia BROWN [Entry No 2394, RGD 32/1/2392-4] (b abt Aug 1824)
Ellen BARFOOT aged 5 yrs in 1828 Children's Census [CS01/122a p 70] (b abt 1823) more family info

Application to marry Ellen BARFOOT
[No.1051] 27 Jul 1838 Samuel HOCKEY, Ship Sir Charles Forbes, applied for permission to marry Ellen BAREFOOT, Free. Decision 18 Aug 1838: Approved. [CON (52/1p80)]
This marriage did not take place. Samuel HOCKEY married Ellen's younger sister Bridget BARFOOT.

Marriage of Ellen BARFOOT and Edward CASSIDY
5 Feb 1839, Catholic Chapel, Launceston, Helen BAREFOOT aged 18, Spinster m Edward CASSIDY aged 24, Rank: Coachman, by James Cotham, Minister, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Catholic Church, after banns, in the presence of Samuel PORTER and Ann KITSON [Tas 1333]

Edward CASSIDY (b abt 1814-15 from age at marriage and death) NSW d 20 Jun 1891 Launceston. Lived Evandale. Occ Coach drive, Farm labourer.
Edward CASSIDY d 20 Jun 1891 aged 77 yrs Launceston, Tasmania [Tas 202]
Ellen CASSIDY d 30 Oct 1897 aged 77 yrs Launceston, Tasmania [Tas 283]

Children of Edward CASSIDY and Ellen BAREFOOT:

(gap 1839-1844)
Possibly Richard James CASSIDY b abt 1838 VDL m 11 Aug 1859 Kyneton Eliza HOCKEY (affadavit)
Female HOCKEY b 20 Aug 1842 District of Launceston, Van Diemen's Land, Father: James HOCKEY, Laborer, Mother: Ann HOCKEY formerly BAREFOOT, Registered 12 Nov 1842, Baptized at St John's Church Launceston, Eliza [Entry No. 1204]
Eliza Jane CASSIDY d 6 Aug 1882 aged 39 yrs Trentham [Vic 3765]
Eleven CASSIDY chn b 1860-1882 Kyneton, Tylden, Trentham.

Richard James CASSIDY m 1859 Eliza HOCKEY

1. Edward CASSIDAY (CASSIDY) b 2 Apr 1845 Springs, Morven (later known as Evandale), Tas s/o Edward CASSIDAY/Helen BAREFOOT [AVR Ref No 771] (AJ)
Edward CASSIDY d 30 May 1918 Evandale, Tas, Occ. Farmer (AJ)
Edward CASSIDY aged 23 m 29 Sep 1870 dwelling of James Thompson, Evandale?, Tas, Emma THOMPSON aged 19 [Tas Ref No 538] (AJ)
Emma THOMPSON b 27 Jun 1857 Tas, d/o John THOMPSON/Mary Ann McINTOSH [Tas 1522]
Emma CASSIDY d 30 May 1891 aged 39 yrs Evandale, Tas [R/N 219] bur 2 Jun 1891 Evandale, Tas (AJ)

Children of Edward CASSIDY m 1870 Emma THOMPSON

2. John CASSIDY b 24 Oct 1847 Springs, Morven (later known as Evandale) s/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BARFOOT [Tas 1882/33]
John CASSIDY dec inf, d 18 or 19 Nov 1847 aged 0, s/o Edward CASSIDY/- [Tas 849]

3. Mary Anne CASSIDY b 7 Feb 1849 Springs, Morven (later known as Evandale) d/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BARFOOT [Tas 1232/33]
Poss Mary CASSIDY aged 20 m 25 Jul 1868 William BURLY aged 23 [Tas 582]
Mary BURLEY d 12 May 1869 aged 22 yrs Tas, Spouse: William [Tas 1719]

4. Annie Elizabeth CASSIDY b abt 1852 (from age at marriage and death) Tasmania.
Annie Elizabeth HOCKEY d 1922 aged 70 yrs Footscray, Victoria d/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BARFOOT [Vic 13049]

Annie Elizabeth BROWN, Widow aged 25 of Trentham bp Tasmania d/o Edward CASSIDY, Farmer and Ellen BAREFOOT married 21 Apr 1877 at Woodside Manse, Kyneton, Victoria, according to the Rites of the Baptist Church by Ingram MOODY, Minister of Woodside Church to Daniel James HOCKEY, Bachelor aged 22 Labourer of Trentham bp Kyneton s/o James HOCKEY, Farmer and Ann BAREFOOT. Witnesses: Joseph ALLEN and Ellen AURISH.
Witnesses were most likely Joseph Henry ALLEN (nephew of the groom) b 1858 Kyneton, eldest son of Henry ALLEN/Matilda HOCKEY. Matilda was the eldest sister of Daniel James HOCKEY.
Ellen AURISH (sister of the groom and Matilda) b 1841 Launceston VDL second eldest daughter of Daniel James HOCKEY/Ann BARFOOT. She was first married in 1858 aged 17 yrs to Joseph ALLEN b abt 1829-1872 s/o Joseph ALLEN/Mary O'BRIEN.
Previous husband of Annie Elizabeth died 1875, one child living. Register Entry No. 54 [Marriage certificate 2216 provided by Donna Matthews]

Daniel James HOCKEY b 2 May 1855 Kyneton s/o James HOCKEY, Digger, aged 45 yrs, bp Somersetshire, England, m 1835 Launceston, VDL, 9 children alive, and Ann BARFORT, aged 40 yrs, bp Launceston, VD Land. Informant was Ann (her X mark) BARFORT, registered 10 Sep 1855 [Birth certificate No 8482]
On 24 Jul 1883 Daniel James HOCKEY was a Bushman of East Trentham.
Daniel James HOCKEY d 1933 aged 78 yrs St Kilda, Victoria s/o Daniel James HOCKEY/Annie BARFORT [Vic 3413]

Daniel James HOCKEY m 1877 Annie Elizabeth CASSIDY

5. John CASSIDY b 8 Jul 1854 Springs, Morven (later known as Evandale) s/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BARFOOT [Tas 935/33] d 8 May 1938 Launceston, Occ. Carrier
John CASSIDY, Age: Adult m 4 Jul 1874 Chalmers Church, Launceston, Eliza CARTER, Age: Minor [Tas 428]
Eliza CARTER b 20 Jul 1855 Launceston d/o John CARTER/Lydia NEVILLE, d 4 Jan 1920 Launceston.

Children of John CASSIDY and Eliza CARTER:
John Bertram CASSIDY b 20 Jun 1878 Kyneton, Victoria s/o John CASSIDY/Eliza CARTER [Vic 17042]
John Bertram CASSIDY d 1 Dec 1954 Launceston, Tas, m 28 Oct 1916 Methodist Church, Paddington, NSW, Rose Ellen SMALL (wife of Arthur Johnson descended from this couple)
Arthur William CASSIDY b 15 Apr 1880 Kyneton, Victoria s/o John CASSIDY/Eliza CARTER [Vic 9822]
May CASSIDY b 28 Sep 1882 Kyneton, Victoria d/o John CASSIDY/Eliza CARTER [Vic 19840]
Harry Francis CASSIDY b 26 Jan 1886 Tas s/o John CASSIDY/Eliza CARTER [AVR Ref No 119]

6. Isabella CASSIDY b 22 Feb 1858 Longford d/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BAREFOOT [Tas 1306/33]

7. Margaret CASSIDY b 12 Nov 1860 Tasmania d/o Edward CASSIDY/Ellen BAREFOOT [Tas 469/33]

Fellow researchers of BARFOOT/HOCKEY line, some since the early 1980s: Laurel Merritt, Fred Rosewarne, Sue Fullarton (Guy descendants), 'Monty' Cusworth (Helyar descendant), Pat Bates (Starr descendant), Arthur Johnson (wife Cassidy descendant), Jean Spears, Diane Young & Linda Brown (Clover descendants), Robert Allen and Jenny McLeod (descendants of Henry Allen and Matilda Hockey), Karren Wolfram (descendant of Joseph Allen and Ellen Hockey), Neil O'Brien (Flynn descendant). There are many others who have passed on information.


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