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Elizabeth CHURCH was born abt 1788, tried Dublin Jan 1807 [1583] with Hester Carr [1484], both sentenced for 7 yrs, arrived Sydney 2 Jul 1811 on the ship Providence 1, sailed from Falmouth on 21 Jan 1811, Master Andrew Barclay, Surgeon Richard Hughes, 179 convicts, all from Ireland, 139 male, 40 female; 3 males and 2 females died on the voyage of 162 days.
For a full list of the Irish convicts transported to NSW on the first voyage of the Providence in 1811 go to Irish Convicts on Providence 1 provided by Peter Mayberry
Nothing is known of Elizabeth CHURCH (or possibly HEANY/HEANEY/HEAGHNEY) in Ireland.

Elizabeth CHURCH was married (yes, by the in/famous Reverend Samuel Marsden, nicknamed the 'Flogging Parson') by Banns on 17 Aug 1811 St John's C of E Paramatta, NSW to John BEDFORD. Witnesses: Benjamin Jacobs and Catherine Buckley. All four made their mark. [St John's Parish Register Entry No 369 also Entry No 1265 Vol 3]. She was aged 23 yrs and had been in the colony for only three weeks before the reading of the Banns. Did the 35 year-old John BEDFORD sweep Elizabeth off her feet, or did they know each other in Dublin?
It was customary for convict women such as Elizabeth to be sent to the Female Factory, built 1804 at Parramatta, a long single room with a fireplace for cooking at one end. Many married quite soon after their arrival. This was the case with Elizabeth. The story is told that the female convicts would line up at the factory and men seeking a wife would drop a handkerchief at the feet of the woman of his choice. By picking it up she would signify her consent.
Nothing is known of John BARFORD/BEDFORD/BARFOOT in Ireland.

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Sydney Gazette 24 February 1810 Marriage: "... His excellency the Governor is anxious to hold forth every inducement to the formation of lasting and virtuous connections, and to encourage lawful marriage by every possible means, as he is convinced that from such connexions alone can be expected to arise either habits of industry or decency of conduct. Those, therefore, who form such connexions, and whose lives and conduct are sober, decent, and industrious, may ever look up to His Excellency for all reasonable encouragement. ... His Excellency the Governor sanguinely hopes that the measures he is now adopting will not be ineffectual in producing that decorum and morality, the want of which is at once so disgraceful and so detrimental to society."
This was Governor Lachlan Macquarie taking up his appointment after the Bligh debacle and trying to clean up the Colony. I presume that either Elizabeth or John, or both, were Catholics and Roman Catholic priests were banned until late 1819, hence a C of E marriage.

This photo of St John's Church of England, Parramatta, was taken 19 April 2003. It is the oldest Anglican church in Australia and for some years it was the only church in the colony. The first solid church building on the present site was opened in 1803 one year after the Parish of St John's was proclaimed. The CHURCH/BEDFORD wedding pre-dates the towers seen here which were completed in 1819 and the main body of the present church dates from 1855.

St John's C of E Parramatta

JOHN BARFORD b abt 1777
John BARFORD aged 30 (born abt 1776), tried Dublin Dec 1806, sentenced to Life.
Order for transportation, 11th February 1809, Castle of Dublin
By the Lord Lieutenant Governor and General Governor of Ireland
"Whereas the several persons named in the annexed list have been convicted of offences against the Laws of Ireland, and have been ordered to be transported for the terms annexed to their names respectively and whereas said several persons have been put on board the Ship Boyd in order to their being transported to His Majesty's Colony of New South Wales. We do hereby in pursuance of the authority vested in us by law transfer the service of the several persons so convicted to His Majesty's Governor of His Majesty's said Colony of New South Wales and His Persons for the terms for which they have been respectively ordered to be transported, Given at His Majesty's Castle of Dublin the 11th day of February 1809."
By His Graces's Command Charles Saxten
Service of Convicts transferred to The Governor of New South Wales
[Obtained by Tony Carr from Mitchell Library in Sydney - pages 175 (Dublin Castle letter) and 177-180 (annexed list of convicts) of AONSW microfilm reel 2418 which contains correspondence relating to convict ships.]
The annexed list is 'A list of Convicts embarked on Board the Boyd, John Stimpson for NSW - 139' (convicts). This document consists of 4 pages. Page 1 has 31 names, p2 has 36, p3 has 38 and p4 has 34 - a total of 139 names.
Included is a Peter Heany aged 30, tried Carlow August 1807 and sentenced to Life. Don't know if there is a connection to Elizabeth Heany. He is not included on Peter Mayberry's list so perhaps he was one of the 5 convicts who died on the voyage.
Tony Carr also made a copy of the first page of the Boyd indent from AONSW microfiche 632 and page 303 which lists these details for John Barford - Where Convicted: County of Dublin, When: December 1806, Term: Life, Conditional Pardon 309. This source says, 'Ship Boyd, John Stimpson, Master, Sailed from Ireland, Arrived at Sydney, 14th August, 1809.'

The Boyd sailed from Cork 10 Mar 1809, arrived Pt Jackson 14 Aug 1809 after a voyage of 157 days, Master John Stimpson. A total of 139 all male convicts embarked and 134 disembarked from the ship.

A passenger list for the Boyd can be found at Irish Convicts to New South Wales 1791-1825 by Peter Mayberry

Read the tragic story of the massacre of the passengers and crew of the brigantine Boyd in 1809 in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand The Fate of the Boyd by Anthony G Flude 2001.

1811 Muster NSW - John BEARFORT (possibly taken at Parramatta 13-20 February)

A daughter Rosilla (Rosetta) was born 8 Apr 1813, bap 6 Jun 1813 St John's C of E Paramatta by Rev Samuel Marsden, parents John BEDFORD, Elizabeth BEDFORD. [3041 Vol 1 p74, also V1813833 148 ]

Conditional Pardon: No 309
Name: John BARFORD
Date and Place of Trial: County Dublin, December 1806
Sentence: Life
Ship: Boyd 1809
Native Country: Dublin County
Trade: Garden Labourer
Age: Thirty-five (b abt 1778)
Height: 5' 8"
Complexion: fair ruddy
Hair: dark brown, Eyes - dark hazel
General Remarks: slightly marked with small pox
When Delivered: 3 Nov 1813 For prosecuting to Conviction two Persons for illegal Distillation. [AO Reel 601 (4/4427) Register of Pardons and Certificates of Freedom, 1810-1814, page 723]

The following Persons have Obtained Conditional Pardons, Certificates, or Tickets of Leave since the last Return on the 24th July 1813: Conditional Pardons No 309 John BARFORD, Ship came on: Boyd 1809, When Tried: County Dublin, December 1806, Sentence: Life, Date of Pardon: 3 Nov 1813. [AO Reel 601 page 980] [Also Mitchell Library Ref. CY 518, page 850]

So John BARFORD obtained his pardon by dobbing in people for an illegal still.

BARFORD, John. Per "Boyd", 1809
6 Nov 1813 - Received conditional pardon. To be struck off the victualling list [Reel 6002; 4/3491 p.590]

Elizabeth CHURCH - 1814 MUSTER NSW
1814 Muster NSW Elizabeth CHURCH arr. Providence, off stores, 2 children. (This fits, daughters Rose b 1813 & Elizabeth b 1814.)
To my knowledge no-one has located a Convict Record for Elizabeth CHURCH. (Robert Allen said she was assigned to her husband.) In 1983 the Archives Office of NSW unsuccessfully searched for Elizabeth HEANY in 10 different indexes, which were listed.

[AO Reel 561 (4/4771)] Ship's Muster 1816-1825
No 31/274 Muster of the Master Convict Passengers of the Schooner Little Mary of Sydney, 60 Tons bound for Port Dalrymple & Island adjacents. 22 May 1820. Among 16 convicts listed, is No 16 John BARFOOT has a Conditional Pardon No 309 Dated 3 Nov 1813. Among 5 passengers listed, is No 5 Elizabeth CHURCH Free by Certificate No 10/1583.

[AO Reel 1255 (4/1235.8, 4/1235.11)]
Muster of Free Persons and Convicts at Port Dalrymple, 1820, 1821
1820 Muster
Free Men:

Name: John BAREFOOT, Ship: Boyd, When & Where Tried: 1806, Dublin, Sentence: Life, On or Off Stores: Off
Free Women:
Name: Elizabeth CHURCH, Ship: Providence, When and Where Tried: 1807 Dublin, Sentence: 7 years, On or Off Stores: Off, Remarks: Married to J. BAREFOOT
Children of Free People:
Names: Rosetta BAREFOOT Age: 8 Off Stores
Elizabeth BAREFOOT Age: 6 Off Stores
John BAREFOOT Age: 3 Off Stores
Michael BAREFOOT Age: 1 Off Stores

So 2 sons, John and Michael, had been born in Sydney but their christenings have not been found.

1821 Muster
Free Men:

Name: John BAREFOOT, Ship: Boyd, When & Where Tried: 1806, Dublin, Sentence: Life, On or Off Stores: Off
Free Women:
Name: Elizabeth CHURCH, Ship: Providence, When and Where Tried: 1807 Dublin, Sentence: 7 years, On or Off Stores: Off, Remarks: Married to BARFORD
Children of Free People:
Rose BAREFORD Age: 10, Off Stores
Betsy BAREFORD Age: 7, Off Stores
John BAREFORD Age: 4, Off Stores
Michael BAREFORD Age: 1 1/2, Off Stores
Anne BARFORD Age: 2 months, Off Stores

The 5th child, Anne, had therefore been born at Port Dalrymple (later known as Launceston).

Fellow researchers of BARFOOT/HOCKEY line, some since the early 1980s: Laurel Merritt, Fred Rosewarne, Sue Fullarton (Guy descendants), 'Monty' Agnes Cusworth (Helyar descendant), Pat Bates (Starr descendant), Arthur Johnson (Cassidy descendant), Jean Spears, Diane Young & Linda Brown (Clover descendants), Robert Allen & Jenny McLeod (descendants of Henry Allen and Matilda Hockey), Karren Wolfram (descendant of Joseph Allen and Ellen Hockey), Neil O'Brien (Flynn descendant). There are many others who have passed on information.



John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1823-29

John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1832-46

2. Elizabeth BARFOOT BIRD SMITH 1814-1886

3. John BAREFOOT Jnr 1816-1905

4. Michael BAREFOOT 1818-1853

5. Ann BAREFOOT HOCKEY 1821-1896

6. Ellen BAREFOOT CASSIDY 1823-1897

7. Bridget BAREFOOT HOCKEY CLOVER 1825-1880

9. George BAREFOOT 1829-1897

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