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Sailing ship  Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY/BAREFOOT/BARFOOT  in VDL 1824-28

Children in the Colony [Ref CS01/122a]
In the Orphanage at Launceston 1824
.... Elizabeth BAREFOOT is a ... has 6 children, very poor ... following are fit for the institution.
Eliza BARFOOT 10 yrs, John BARFOOT 8 yrs, Michael BARFOOT 6 yrs, Ann BARFOOT 3 yrs.

In the Orphanage at Launceston 1825
Parent: John BARFOOT Free
John 9 yrs, Michael 7 yrs, Ann 5 yrs, Ellen 3 yrs.
(All children with surname BARFOOT and all classified 3rd class.)

Where was Elizabeth? Read on ...

From Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls : Convict Women in Van Diemens' Land  by Phillip Tardiff:
Providence 1
The Providence 1 made only one voyage as a convict transport. A ship of 649 tons, she had been built at Calcutta in 1808. Her Master was Andrew Barclay and her surgeon, Richard Hughes. The Providence 1 sailed from Falmouth (Cornwall) on 21 January and arrived at Sydney on 2 July 1811. Of the 139 male and 40 female convicts who sailed, 3 males and 2 females died on the voyage.
Passenger No. 79 CHURCH, Elizabeth
Convicted At: City of Dublin. Conviction Date and Sentence: January 1807, 7 years.
Description: Age 23 (1811, therefore b abt 1788)
Colonial Experiences:
1811-20 - Arrived in Van Diemen's Land from Sydney.
1820 and 1821 Musters - Wife of J. Barefoot, Port Dalrymple. Free.
1826: 9 Aug - Wife of John BARFOOT. Drunk and disorderly. Fined 5 shillings.
1826: 8 Nov - Drunk and disorderly. Fined 5 shillings.
1826: 9 Nov - Drunk and disorderly. To be placed in the stocks 2 hours and sent to the Factory at George Town for 1 month.
1826: 27 Nov - Drunk in the streets of Launceston. To be confined to the stocks 3 hours.
1827: 8 Mar - Repeatedly drunk and disorderly. To find sureties to keep the peace 3 months and sent to the Factory at George Town 1 month.
1827: 16 Nov - Drunk and disorderly. To be sent to the Factory 1 month.
1828: 25 Nov - Drunk and disorderly. 28 days in the Gaol as the House of Correction.
1829: 22 Oct - Assaulting and threatening to beat *Hannah Murphy. Charge dismissed.
1831: 19 Sep - Drunkenness. Fined 5 shillings.
1833: 11 Dec - Drunk. Fined 5 shillings.
183?: 6 Sep - Being drunk. Fined 5 shillings. [Book Sources 6, 21, 27, 31]
*Hannah Murphy was named in a deposition dated 29 Oct 1829 by John Barfoot as his next door neighbour.

Convict's Unbound : The Story of the Convicts and their Settlement in Australia (1988) Marjorie Tipping, Viking 0'Neil, Penguin, had this to say about the Irish in Hobart, which probably applied to Launceston as well.
"BR and other Irish folk were present a rowdy session at the Great Wharf in July 1818. TP put down 40 pounds for BR to keep the peace. This was not an unusual occurrence in old Hobart Town when most evenings were charged with the noise of rowdy inebriates who had little else in the way of entertainment but that provided in and around the public houses."
It would seem that Elizabeth was consistently part of this scene from at least 1826 to 1834. Perhaps this lifestyle led to her death presumably before her husband re-married on 21 May 1840.

At the baptism of 3 of their Tasmanian-born children on 25 Feb 1827 at St John's Roman Catholic Church Hobart, parents' names were John BAREFOOT and Elizabeth HEANY. (Translated from the Latin)
2392 Gullielmus (William) BAREFOOT (b 1827 Launceston) Sponsor: Maria SHEEHAN
2393 Anna (Ann) BAREFOOT 4 yrs (b 1821 Port Dalrymple) Sponsor: Bernard KEARNS
2394 Eleonora (Ellen) BAREFOOT 2 1/2 yrs (b 1823 VDL) Sponsor: Allicia BROWN [RGD 32/1/2392-4]

Where was 2 yr old Bridget who had been born abt 1825?
My guess is that as a baby she was too young to be placed in the orphanage and would have been in the care of someone else. A requirement of government assistance for the Barefoot children in the orphanage might have been that they be baptised, thus Bridget missed out.
Ann, Bridget and Ellen all grew up to marry and have families of their own by the surnames of HOCKEY and CLOVER in Victoria and CASSIDY in the Evandale area of Tasmania.
William BARFOOT was listed as 18 mos in the 1828 Children's Census below but nothing further is known of him.

So in 1827 Elizabeth BAREFOOT ms HEANY is the mother of these children. I have never solved this puzzle! Despite our best efforts we don't know if Elizabeth CHURCH and Elizabeth HEANY were the same person, but until proven otherwise, my best guess is that they were.

It is worth considering that the surname HEANY may have been written in error.
Erwin Matthews, a descendant of John BARFOOT Snr and Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY, came upon a Captain Richard HEANY and a new wife Ann COOPER, married in Sydney, then to Launceston VDL, died 1841. These were the parents, Ricardo HEANY and Maria Ann COOPER, on the Hobart RC baptismal document of 25 Feb 1827 and he wondered whether the priest may have been tippling too much wine during mass and just gave 'our' Elizabeth the surname 'HEANY' by mistake seeing that both families were present on the day. He also poses the question, 'Why were so many Launceston families in Hobart on the same day for the same activity?'

[CS01/122a p 70] Colonial Secretary's Office : Returns of juvenile population and names of children whose parents are in distress and of orphans as called by the Lt. Governor's minute of 12 Oct 1827. 'Children's Census' taken 1828.
Name of Parent: John BARFOOT* Certificate of Freedom. *Bad Character. Unmarried otherwise. Had a small farm. All children were Roman Catholic, were not at school and could not read or write.
Child's name:
John BARFOOT 12 yrs
Elizth BARFOOT 14 yrs
Michl BARFOOT 10 yrs
Ann BARFOOT 7 yrs
Ellen BARFOOT 5 yrs
Bridgett BARFOOT 3 yrs
William BARFOOT 18 mos

Rose was not listed; she would have been aged 15. She was married at the age of 14 the previous year. Rose BAREFOOT married 24 Sep 1827 St John's Launceston, William GRAVESS [Tas 1071].
Rosetta GRAVES died 6 Dec 1846 aged 30 yrs Longford VDL [Tas 80/35] (Correct age would be 33)
A William GRAVES d 29 Mar 1876 aged 78 yrs Hobart [Tas 3301/35] If his age at death was correct, and if this was her husband, then he would have been abt 15 yrs older than Rosetta.
No children have been found to Rosetta and William GRAVES.

By 1838 Rosetta formed a relationship with John WILCOX. No marriage has been found. Their three children:
John WILCOX b 17 Jul 1839 Longford, VDL s/o John WILCOX/Rosetta GRAVES [Tas 1847/3182]
Sarah WILCOX b 17 Jul 1841 Longford, VDL d/o John WILCOX/Rosetta GRAVES [Tas 1847/3183]
Hannah WILCOX b 20 Nov 1845 Longford, VDL d/o John WILCOX/Rosetta GRAVES [Tas 1847/3184]
These were consecutive entries for christenings in 1847 which was the year after Rosetta died. Parents were shown as John WILCOX, Log-splitter, Longford, and Rosetta GRAVES.

No deaths or marriages have been found for Sarah or Hannah WILCOX (or GRAVES).
Poss John WILCOX aged 21 yrs (b abt 1838) m 7 Feb 1859 Longford, Sarah ROSIER aged 17 yrs (b abt 1842) [Tas 552] (No chn found to this couple in Tasmania or Victoria) Sarah could be the unnamed child of James ROSIER/Maria MAEDER [Tas 1842/1164]

It is thought that the ninth and last child of John and Elizabeth BARFOOT was George born 1830 Launceston, VDL. His marriage to Louisa SODEN/TODEN on 28 Mar 1866 at the dwelling of George BARFOOT at Torquay (Devonport East), Tasmania, produced nine children who were born at Port Sorell 1867-1883 and one at Don (Burnie) in 1874.

Fellow researchers of BARFOOT/HOCKEY line, some since the early 1980s: Laurel Merritt, Fred Rosewarne, Sue Fullarton (Guy descendants), 'Monty' Agnes Cusworth (Helyar descendant), Pat Bates (Starr descendant), Arthur Johnson (wife Cassidy descendant), Jean Spears, Diane Young & Linda Brown (Clover descendants), Robert Allen & Jenny McLeod (a descendants of Henry Allen and Matilda Hockey), Karren Wolfram (descendant of Joseph Allen and Ellen Hockey), Neil O'Brien (Flynn descendant). There are many others who have passed on information.


Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY/BAREFOOT (page 1) 1807 Sydney-1821 VDL

John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1823-29

John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1832-46

2. Elizabeth BARFOOT BIRD SMITH 1814-1886

3. John BAREFOOT Jnr 1816-1905

4. Michael BAREFOOT 1818-1853

5. Ann BAREFOOT HOCKEY 1821-1896

6. Ellen BAREFOOT CASSIDY 1823-1897

7. Bridget BAREFOOT HOCKEY CLOVER 1825-1880

9. George BAREFOOT 1829-1897

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