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Sailing ship  John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1826-29


On 30 Jun 1823 Sir Thomas Brisbane granted John Bearfoot (Barefoot) 50 acres of land in the District of Morven (later known as Evandale), at a bearing north, 45 degrees west, 12 chains to the South of the Esk River, and on the South West Side, it was signed and sealed in Sydney 1823 [Robert Allen]

From Convicts Unbound : The Story of the Convicts and their Settlement in Australia (1988) Marjorie Tipping, Viking 0'Neil, Penguin:
"In 1826 Thomas TOMBS (TOOMS) was allocated a land grant of 30 acres in the Launceston area and was said to have sold it for the proverbial bottle of rum. John BAREFOOT owned his grant in 1829." [p317]
There is much more in this book about the happy-go-lucky adventurer Tooms. He was an ex-con and an experienced sailor who, with others, circumnavigated VDL in the Henrietta Packet and discovered Pt Davey and Macquarie Harbour. He was a winning jockey and a good bushman who was useful in tracking down bushrangers (and apparently a mate of our John).

In this book there is a reference to the Rev William Bedford newly arrived in VDL by 16 June 1823. [p245]
(Not be be confused with the notorious John, sometimes known as BEDFORD.)

Also in this book: "Conditional Pardons and Land Grants of 30 acres each were given for capturing and testifying in Sydney against 3 bushrangers." [p191]

It is quite likely that John BARFOOT obtained his original land grant at The Springs VDL for his similar willingness to help the Crown in Sydney by testifying against two persons who operated an illegal still.

Sworn statements transcribed by Jean Spears in 1989 in State Library of NSW, Dickson Library:
The information and complaint on oath of John Barfoot who said:
I live on a small farm adjoining that of Timothy Daley. On last Saturday night I saw three bullocks belonging to Mr Daley upon my wheat. I sent them to the pound at Launceston yesterday morning. Last night just after sundown I saw Hannah Murphy who lives with Mr Daley take down a rail of a fence which forms one side of my cow yard. I had twenty-five head of cows and calves in the yard at that time. About nine o'clock I saw Mrs Murphy and a man they call John McMerchman come to the side of my land and remained there for about eight minutes and then went away then came there about an hour and a half afterwards stopped a few minutes and then went away again about one o'clock this morning then came again to the yard and took down the rest of the rails (three) and this man went into the yard and drove out four head of my cattle. Mrs Murphy said drive them all out. My dogs began to bark and Mrs Murphy and John the trackman ran away. I have not seen my cattle since. The whole of the cattle I had is upon my ground.
John (his X mark) Barefoot
Sworn before me at Launceston
the 26 Oct 1829 Launceston
James Goroon

The information on oath of Elizabeth Barfoot, Daughter of John Barfoot who said:
That Saturday night about one o'clock Hannah Murphy and this man John Baptiste Boyette came to my Father's cow yard. Boyette took down two rails of the yard, went into the yard and turned out some of my Father's cattle. Mrs Murphy said get behind them John and turn them all out.
The dogs barked when he and Mrs Murphy ran away. He had drove four head of cattle out of the yard before he ran away. I had not counted the cattle in the yard but there were about twenty head in the yard on Sunday night. When the man and woman ran away they drove the four head of cattle before them. The rest of the cattle stopped in the yard. I was behind a tree about a yard from the yard. It was not moon-light it was too dark to see their faces but I can tell Mrs Murphy's voice anywhere. I knew it was Boyette by his head and his voice. When Mrs Murphy said get behind them and drive them all out John, he said yes I am. My Father was with me, he did not pursue them.
Last night in the middle of the night we were alarmed by hearing a noise near the cow yard. My Father my little brothers and I ran out when I saw three men whom I did not know and Hannah Murphy who was dressed with a man's jacket a man's hat and a white petticoat. They were turning my Father's cattle out of the yard. They drove away thirteen head of cattle. My Father called out stop or I will shoot you. He tried to get over the fence when he fell into the yard. My brother and I tried to turn the cattle back when Mrs Murphy and this man took up stones and sticks and throwed at us to drive us away. I was struck two or three times. I have no bruises upon me. Mrs Murphy was the first who took up stones to throw at us. My Father called out for assistance. Three of Mr Laurence's men came and one of them stopped all night. This morning two of the cows came back again to their calves. There are now eleven head of cattle missing. I am sure Mrs Murphy was with the three men but I don't know who the men were. The ------ was also perhaps yesterday afternoon and in good order when the cattle were put into the yard last night.
Elizabeth (her X mark) Barfoot
Sworn before me at Launceston
the 17th day of October 1829
James Goroon.

Isaac Jackson sworn statement:
I slept in the same room with John Baptiste Boyette on last Sunday night. I saw him go to bed at eight o'clock at night and I saw him get up at eight o'clock the next morning. I went to bed about eight o'clock. I was awake two or three times during the night. We had no candles burning in the room. Boyette was not out of the room to my knowledge during the night. Boyette slept in a loft above me. I have my bed against the door. He could not go out of the room without my knowledge. The man got into the loft from a table. My bed was in front of the door. I am sure Boyette could not go out of the room without my knowing it. I was awake when Boyette got up in the morning. I saw him come out of the loft.
Issac (his X mark) Jackson

Fellow researchers of BARFOOT/HOCKEY line, some since the early 1980s: Laurel Merritt, Fred Rosewarne, Sue Fullarton (Guy descendants), 'Monty' Agnes Cusworth (Helyar descendant), Pat Bates (Starr descendant), Arthur Johnson (wife Cassidy descendant), Jean Spears, Diane Young & Linda Brown (Clover descendants), Robert Allen & Jenny McLeod (descendants of Henry Allen and Matilda Hockey), Karren Wolfram (descendant of Joseph Allen and Ellen Hockey), Neil O'Brien (Flynn descendant). There are many others who have passed on information.


Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY/BAREFOOT (page 1) 1807 Sydney-1821 VDL


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