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LAND DEALINGS 1832-35 (from Robert Allen)
13 Jan 1832 [#1353] John Barefoot, 80 acres at Perth. Date of Deed 14 and 15 Sept 1830. Conveyance from Donald and Catherine McLeod.
13 Aug 1832 - Land in Wellington Street Launceston owned by J Barefoot, sold to Richard Baker for 22 pounds. (This could be the block next to the hospital.)
30 Apr 1835 [Book 1 4751] 30 acres Launceston bought in part by John Barefoot , his share 30 pounds.
30 Jun 1835 - Next to Elizabeth Street Launceston [Book 1, # 4999] John Barefoot and others paid 84 pounds. Others involved in the deal, William Effington Lawrence, Richard Baker, Henry Reading.

We know that John BARFOOT was the owner of a small farm soon after his arrival in VDL. The acreage was increased by the generosity of Thomas TOMBS and by 1838 a Land Census shows that John BAREFOOT had a farm of at least 80 acres.
1838 Land Census [CSO 49/67] Land & Stock p261/23
31 Dec 1838, District Morven, John BAREFOOT - Wheat: 45 acres, Oats: 8, Potatoes: 1, English oats: 2, No. of acres in crop: 56, Total number of tilled acres: 80, Horses: 5, Cattle: 19.

31 Dec 1838 John BAREFOOT or BARFOOT (Snr) was living at Westbury (Morven). His household consisted of 5 males and 1 female. He was employed in agriculture. Only a few census returns for the 1840s have survived but John BAREFOOT's is not one of them. [Letter from Archives Office of Tas, 30 Aug 1982]

John BARFOOT aged 60, Farmer, married 21 May 1840 Ann HAMMOND, aged 48, Widow. Ceremony performed by James COTHAM, Minister in the Catholic Chapel, Launceston, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church, by Banns. Both signed in the presence of witnesses: George SMITH and Mary SMITH. [B.7] [Register Entry No 1338 AVR 1338]

1840 Hannah BAREFOOT aka HAMMOND, wife of John, deserted husband, credit warning. [Index to names published in colonial newspapers (Australia) for missing family, friends, employees, convicts and absconded spouses by Jenny Fawcett, no longer on the internet]
More about Ann HAMMOND

DEATH OF ELIZABETH BARFOOT (1833-1840 not found)
A death in Tasmania for Elizabeth CHURCH / BARFOOT and variants / HEANY has not been found.
Robert Allen thought he may have found a possible death in Genseek Births, Deaths and Marriages 1841-7 Jul 1844 Newspaper Index - Tasmania by Jenny Fawcett. (Her genseek website is now down.)
But this entry from a Launceston newspaper shows the birth of a son in 1843 to Mrs Barfoot at 58 Murray Street.
More information from Diane Ovenden shows children born to Mrs BARFOOT as reported in the Hobart Mercury:
1839 Sat 30 Mar, dau (Ellen) 21 Mar at 58 Murray Street.
1840 28 Oct 1840, son (Bracee) 24 Oct, Murray Street.
1843 Sat 4 Nov, son (Uppington) 28 Oct, at 58 Murray Street.
1845 Wed 11 Jun, son (Wilton) 6 Jun, at Murray Street, Hobart Town.
1845 Sat 14 Jun, son, 6 Jun at Murray Street, Hobart Town.
1847 Wed 24 Feb, dau (Amelia) 22 Feb, Elizabeth Street, Hobart Town.
1847 Sat 27 Feb, dau, 22 Feb, Elizabeth Street, Hobart Town.
This Mrs Barfoot was Sarah (nee WARD) wife of Uppington Bracee BARFOOT, an auctioneer, who died 13 Jul 1855 aged 55 yrs in Melbourne, parents unknown [Vic 4272] Sarah Ann BARFOOT m2. 1856 Thomas GRIFFITHS [Vic 3370] Sarah GRIFFITHS died 1882 aged 80 yrs Stawell d/o William WARD/- [Vic 2900]

12 May 1840 [Book 2, 3510] John Barefoot was paid 20 pounds for land by William Ellington (misspelt Effington?)
30 Aug 1842 [Book 2 , 5509] John Barefoot mortgaged the 80 acre property at Perth to a Henry Edgecombe, and then sold it to William Kitson.
10 Mar 1846 [Book 3, 1666] John Barefoot and his wife were paid 50 pounds by Harvey Welman probably for John's property in Frankland Street Launceston.

31 Jul 1846 John BARFOOT died aged 72 yrs, Farmer, Inflammation of the bowels, Informant: Samuel HAMMOND, Registered 1 Aug, Deputy Registrar Charles Friend. [No 572] [AVR 1780]

Fellow researchers of BARFOOT/HOCKEY line, some since the early 1980s: Laurel Merritt, Fred Rosewarne, Sue Fullarton (Guy descendants), 'Monty' Agnes Cusworth (Helyar descendant), Pat Bates (Starr descendant), Arthur Johnson (Cassidy descendant), Jean Spears, Diane Young & Linda Brown (Clover descendants), Robert Allen & Jenny McLeod (descendants of Henry Allen and Matilda Hockey), Karren Wolfram (descendant of Joseph Allen and Ellen Hockey), Neil O'Brien (Flynn descendant). There are many others who have passed on information.


Elizabeth CHURCH/HEANY/BAREFOOT (page 1) 1807 Sydney-1821 VDL


John BAREFOOT Snr in VDL 1823-29

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