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Stow Parish Church of St Mary Wedmore built 1875
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John BURRELL m 1833 Euphemia LEADBETTER
John BURREL chr Feb 1807 Stow, Midlothian, Scotland s/o James BURREL/Margaret SWANSTON [IGI Batch Number C116882 extracted from parish records]
1807 Birth in the Parish of Stow (provided by Gay Reed)
James Burrell & Margt Swanston in Lugate, his spouse, had a son born 7th Jany 1807 and baptized in Stow Kirk, Febry following named - John. [Page 80, Entry No. 5] (also info from Mark Burrell) Lugate Water is a river just west of Stow.

1887 Death in the Parish of Stow, County of Edinburgh, Scotland
John Burrell, Ploughman, Widower of Euphemia Leadbetter, died 21st July 1887 6h 0m pm, aged 80 yrs, Village and Parish of Stow, Father: James Burrell, Ploughman (deceased), Mother: Nancy Burrell ms Swanston (deceased). Cause of Death: Recurrent Cerebral Haemorrhage, As certified by J Middleton MD. Informant: John Burrell, Son, Present, Registered 27 July 1887 at Schoolhouse, Stow, William Adam, Interim Registrar. [Page 5, Entry No. 15, provided by Mark Burrell] (also a ploughman in Censuses of 1861, 1871)

John BURRELL m 27 Dec 1833 Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland, Euphemia LEADBUTTER [IGI Batch Number M116816 extracted from parish records]
Extract of entry in Old Parochial Register, Parish of Crichton, County of Edinburgh
Marriages Anno 1833, page 27
John BURRELL and Euphemia LEADBUTTER both in this Parish gave in their names for proclamation in order to marriage on 13 Dec, they were proclaimed once the 15th and twice the 22nd, no objections being offered, they were married on the 27th by the Reverend W Hume of Heriot.

Euphanes LEADBETTER chr 15 Apr 1810 Stow, Midlothian d/o James LEADBETTER/Dorothea FOREMAN [IGI Batch Number C116995 extracted from parish records]
1810 Birth in the Parish of Stow (provided by Gay Reed)
James Leadbetter in Stow & Dorothea Foreman, his spouse, had a Daughter born 15 March 1810 and baptized in Stow Kirk 15 April, following named - Euphanes. [Page 91, Entry No. 2] Known as Fanny in 1851 Census and Euphemia in 1861 Census (GR)

1884 Death in the Parish of Stow, County of Edinburgh, Scotland
Euphemia Burrell (Married to John Burrell, retired Ploughman) died 26 May 1884 2h PM Village & Parish of Stow, aged 71 years, Father: James Leadbutter, Dyker (deceased), Mother: Dorothy Leadbutter ms - (deceased). Cause of Death: Pneumonia, As certified by J Middleton MD. Informant: John Burrell, Son, Stow Village, registered 2 June 1884 Galabank, John F Walker, Registrar. [Page 4, Entry No 10, Certificate provided by Mark Burrell] (also info from Tom Paterson)

Children of John BURRELL and Euphemia LEADBUTTER:

1. Dorothy BURRELL b 1838-39 Channelkirk (Joyce Stenhouse-Brown) Occupation: agricultural servant in 1861 Census (GR)

2. James BURRELL b 1840 Channelkirk (JS-B) Occupation ploughman in the 1861 Census (GR)
James BURREL m 12 Jun 1863 Melrose, Roxburgh, Agnes BEATTIE (HEATLIE) [IGI Batch Number M117991 Dates 1855-1875 extracted from parish records]

Children of James BURRELL/BURRIEL and Agnes BEATTIE:
1. John BURRELL born 23 Jul 1863 Melrose, Roxburgh s/o James BURRELL/Agnes BEATTIE [IGI Batch Number C117991 extracted from parish records]
2. James BURRIEL b 23 Oct 1865, Mertoun, Berwickshire s/o James BURRIEL/Agnes HEATLIE [IGI Batch Number C117511 extracted from parish records]
3. Christina BURRIEL b 14 Jan 1868 Kirkhope, Selkirk d/o James BURRIEL/Agnes BEATTIE [IGI Batch Number C117761 extracted from parish records]
4. William BURRIEL b 23 Feb 1870 Kirkhope, Selkirk s/o James BURRIEL/Agnes BEATTIE [IGI Batch Number C117761 extracted from parish records]
5. Euphemia BURRIEL b 30 Aug 1872 Kirkhope, Selkirk d/o James BURRIEL/Agnes BEATTIE [IGI Batch Number C117761 extracted from parish records]
Euphemia (Leadbeater) BURRELL m Thomas Hill GRAY (4 dau, 1 son) Emigrated to New Zealand in 1822. (Jan Littlejohn)
1871 British Census taken 2/3 April [Piece: SCT 1871/776, Folio 0, Page 3, Schedule 12]
Dwelling at Outer Huntly, Kirkhope, Selkirkshire, Scotland. Remarks: Two rooms with one or more windows.
BURRIEL James, Head, Married, 31, Agricultural Labourer, Born Channelbirk, Berwickshire
BURRIEL Agnes, Wife, Married, 32, Born Hobkirk, Roxburghshire
BURRIEL John, Son, 7, Scholar, Born Melrose, Roxburghshire
BURRIEL James, Son, 5, Born Merton (Mertoun), Berwickshire
BURRIEL Christina, Dau, 3, Born Kirkhope, Selkirkshire
BURRIEL Walter, Son, 1, Born Kirkhope, Selkirkshire.

3. Margaret BURRELL b 1842 Legerwood, Berwick, Scotland (JS-B) Occupation agricultural servant in 1861 Census (GR)
Margaret STENHOUSE d 31 Mar 1886 Chapel Street, Marrickville, Sydney d/o John/Dorothy (mother should be Euphemia LEADBETTER), Informant George STENHOUSE, Widower of Chapel Street, Marrickville. Witnesses: George STENHOUSE and Alexander BURRELL (her uncle). Deceased had lived in Australia Qld for 3 yrs and in NSW for 3 months [NSW 3301, Certificate held by Joyce Stenhouse-Brown]
Margaret BURRIEL (BURRELL) d/o John BURRIEL, Plowman, m 15 Mar 1861 Ratchelfield, Earlston, Berwick, George STENHOUSE s/o John STENHOUSE deceased, and Mary RINTOUL (RENTOLL) Witnesses: J STENHOUSE, JS WALKER. [IGI Batch Number M117361 extracted from parish records] (Certificate held by (JS-B) bur 1 Apr 1886 Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney (JS-B)
George STENHOUSE b 14 Jan 1835 Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland (JS-B) Witnesses to his christening on 22 Mar 1835 were Adam FOX and Margaret WEATHERHEAD (GR) In the 1841 Census he was living at Westruther, Berwickshire (GR) In the 1861 Census George and Margaret were living with her parents. Occupation ploughman. In 1878 for the birth of son Adam, George's occupation was groom. In the 1881 Census he was a groom/domestic servant living at New Boon Cottage No. 3, Legerwood, Berwickshire. (GR)
George STENHOUSE d 12 Sep 1886, 7 Maria Street, Redfern, Sydney s/o John STENHOUSE/Euphemia (should be Mary RINTOUL) [NSW 4526]
George STENHOUSE bur 13 Sep 1886 Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney. Witnesses: James STENHOUSE and Alexander BURRELL (uncle of Margaret) [Death cert held by (GR)
George and Margaret STENHOUSE with children: Euphemia 22, John 20, William 19, James 16, Peter 11, George 9, Robert 7 and twins Mary and Adam 3 years, immigrated to Australia on the Anglo Indian which arrived at Townsville 13 Sep 1883 and settled at Rockhampton, Queensland. Early in 1886 they moved to Sydney, NSW, in poor health to live with Margaret's uncle Alexander BURRELL. Alexander, born in 1827, was the youngest son of James BURREL and Margaret SWANSTON. He married Helen Law in 1854 and with six of their children also immigrated on the Anglo Indian to Townsville before settling in Sydney, Australia.
The Anglo Indian departed Glasgow 6 Jul 1883. The ages of George 39 and Margaret 36 were understated. [Shipping records at QSA Z1960 IMM118/270 held by GR]

Children of George STENHOUSE and Margaret BURRELL

4. Euphemia BURRELL b 1846 Earlston, Berwick (JS-B)

5. John BURRELL b abt 1850 Earlston, Berwick. (not found in IGI)
1916 Death in the Parish of Stow, County of Mid Lothian (sic) (provided by Karen Schultz)
John Burrell, Platelayer, Married to Helen Allan, died 16 Jan 1916 at 1h 15m pm at Cotland, Stow, aged 66 yrs, Father: John Burrell, Farm Servant (deceased), Mother: Euphemia Burrell ms Leadbetter. Cause of Death: Bronchial Catarrh, Double Pneumonia as certified by William McAlpine LRCP LRCS, Stow. Informant: Charles Burrell, Son, present, Registered 17 Jan 1916 at Stow, William Adam Asst Registrar [Page 1, Entry No 1]
John BURRELL m 29 Dec 1871 Stow Manse, Midlothian, Scotland, Helen ALLAN [Cert 48602]
Helen ALLAN b 18 Nov 1851 Stow, Midlothian, Scotland d/o Charles ALLAN/Isabella SCOTT [IGI Batch Number C116996 extracted from parish records]
Helen BURRELL d 12 Feb 1927 aged 75 yrs Kelso, Roxburgh d/o Charles ALLAN, Slater, and Isabel ALLAN ms SCOTT [R/N 14, Death certificate 793/00 0014 provided by Karen Schultz]

John BURRELL m 1833 Helen ALLEN

6. Helen BURRELL b 1850 Fans, Berwick, d 1901 (JS-B)
Helen BURRELL m 5 Jul 1872 Ladhope, Roxburgh, John MELROSE [IGI Batch Number M119371 extracted from parish records]
Children of John MELROSE and Helen BURRELL:

1. Alexander MELROSE b 25 Oct 1873 Ladhope, Roxburgh, Scotland s/o John MELROSE/Helen BURRELL [IGI Batch Number C119371 extracted from parish records, dates 1856-1875]
3. Euphemia MELROSE
4. Helen MELROSE
5. Margaret MELROSE
6. James MELROSE
(Information from Alan J Melrose)
James BURREL m 1806 Margaret SWANSTON

James LEADBETTER m 1809 Dorothy FORMAN

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