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Sailing ship  William Charles MILLER m2. 1854 Mary Ann WATSON

William Charles MILLER b abt 1818 (shipping age) or 1819 (age at death) Middlesex, England.
William Charles MILLER, son of Henry MILLER, m1. 13 Aug 1838, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex, England, Elizabeth SIPTHORPE, d/o Joseph SIPTHORPE. (Jenny Firman has marriage entry)
This couple immigrated to Victoria with four children aboard the Persian which arrived at Melbourne 27 December 1852. It seems likely that Elizabeth MILLER ms SIPTHORPE died on the voyage although no record of her death has been found in Victoria.
William Charles MILLER m2. in 1854, Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 862]
Mary Ann MILLER ms WATSON (b abt 1831) d 1893 aged 62 yrs Carisbrook d/o John WATSON/- [Vic 940]

William Charles MILLER, Dealer, aged 75 yrs, died 13 Mar 1894 McLachlan Street, Carisbrook, County of Talbot, parents unknown. Deceased was born in London, England and had lived 42 yrs in Victoria. He had first married in England aged 20 yrs to Betsy SIBTHORP. Issue to this former marriage: Elizabeth Jane deceased, Harriet Amelia 52, Martha Ann 50, William Charles 48 yrs.
William Charles MILLER married for the second time at St Kilda aged 34 yrs to Mary Ann WATSON. Issue: Mary Eliza 39, Louisa 37, Agnes deceased, Unnamed deceased, Ernest Henry 30, Samuel Thomas 28, Frederick John 23, Euphemia Ann 21 yrs [Vic cert 940, obtained by JF]

Nine children of William Charles MILLER and Mary Ann WATSON

1. Mary Eliza MILLER b 1855 Prahran d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 1256] (known as Elizabeth or Lizzie)
Mary Eliza Langford NEVILLE d 1931 aged 70 yrs Cheltenham d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 13412] (would be abt 76 yrs)
Mary Eliza MILLER bp Prahran m1. 5 Aug 1872 at St Paul's C of E Carisbrooke, Robert LANGFORD bp Gravesend, England [Vic 2443, Guy Murphy] (no surviving chn)
Robert LANGFORD d 1915 aged 66 yrs Melbourne East s/o John LANGFORD/Harriet SHERBERT [Vic 14236]
Mary Eliza Lilian LANGFORD m2. 1917 Thomas Henery MATTHEWS [Vic 6045]
Poss Thomas MATTHEWS d 1921.
Mary Eliza MATTHEWS m3. 1923 William Henry Augustus NEVILLE [Vic 13079]
William Henry Augustas NEVILLE (b abt 1847) d 1930 aged 83 yrs Altona s/o William Henry Augustas NEVILLE/Maria MATTHEWS [Vic 933]

More information about Robert and Elizabeth LANGFORD

2. Louisa MILLER b 1857 Dunolly d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Anne WATSON [Vic 3417]
Louisa McDONALD d 1942 aged 82 yrs Preston d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 7599]
Louisa MILLER bp - m 1876 Alexander Charles McDONALD bp Tasmania [Vic 1336] (18 chn b 1877-1899 Timor, Carisbrook, Hotham, Richmond)
Alexander Charles McDONALD (b abt 1856) d 1938 aged 82 yrs Romsey s/o James McDONALD/Catherine CAMPBELL [Vic 14820]

Children of Alexander Charles McDONALD and Louisa MILLER

3. Agnes MILLER b 1861 Amherst d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 4012]
Agnes VAUGHAN d 1891 aged 29 yrs Hotham West d/o William Charles MILLER/Ann WATSON [Vic 10856]
Agnes MILLER bp Talbot m1883 Thomas Bartlett VAUGHAN bp Hotham (Nth Melb) [Vic 175] (2 chn b 1884-85 Hotham)
Thomas Bartlett VAUGHAN b 1858 Melbourne s/o William VAUGHAN/Ruth WEDD [Vic 5406]
Thomas Bartlett VAUGHAN d 1926 aged 69 yrs Carlton s/o William VAUGHAN/Ruth WEDD [Vic 4499]
Thomas Bartlett VAUGHAN bp Melbourne North m2. 1894 Emily Susan PAULL bp Clunes [Vic 1452] (3 chn b 1894-1906 Hotham West)
Emily Susan PAUL b 1870 Clunes d/o John PAUL/Elizabeth Jane HALL [Vic 22045]
Emily Susan VAUGHAN d 1929 aged 58 yrs Flemington d/o John William PAULL/Elizabeth Jane HALL [Vic 14263

4. Ernest Henry MILLER b 1863 Amherst s/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 11710]
Ernest Henry MILLER d 1937 aged 73 yrs Collingwood s/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 2082]
Ernest Henry MILLER bp Talbot m 1883 Mary Ann SHERRIFF bp Sandhurst (Bendigo) [Vic 5020] (4 chn b 1888-1897 Collingwood)
Mary Ann SHERIFF b 1863 Sandhurst d/o George SHERIFF/Mary Ann COCKFIELD [Vic 17031]
Mary Ann MILLER d 1916 aged 52 yrs Collingwood d/o George SHERRIFF/Mary Ann COCKFIELD [Vic 13937]

5. Samuel Thomas MILLAR b 1865 Majorca s/o William Charles MILLAR/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 23073]
Samuel Thomas MILLER d 1954 aged 89 yrs STLE (?) s/o William Charles MILLER/V K WATSON [Vic 23579]
Samuel Thomas MILLER bp Majorca m 1897 Mary Ann COLLINS bp Richmond [Vic 4239] (2 chn b 1899-1903 Kensington Hill)
Mary Ann COLLINS b 1876 Richmond d/o James COLLINS/Emma WEST [Vic 11631]
Mary Ann MILLER d 1938 aged 62 yrs Essendon d/o James COLLINS/Emma WEST [Vic 6816]

6. Walter MILLER b 1868 Carisbrook s/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 24293] (twin)
Walter MILLER d 1868 aged 15 days Carisbrook s/o William MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 8955]

7. Euphemia MILLER b 1868 Carisbrook d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 24294] (twin)
Euphemia MILLER d 1869 aged 3 mos, bp Majorca d/o William MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 1678]

8. Frederick John MILLER b 1871 Carisbrook s/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Anne WATSON [Vic 1245]
Frederick John MILLER bp Carisbrook m 1893 Mary Ann HOOKER bp Carisbrook [Vic 6142] (3 chn b 1894-1901 Carisbrook)
Poss Frederick MILLER (b abt 1871) d 1918 aged 47 yrs Melbourne East, parents unknown [Vic 9681]

9. Euphemia Anne MILLER b 1873 Carisbrook d/o William Charles MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 1127]
Euphemia Ann CLOVER d 1965 aged 92 yrs Maryborough d/o William MILLER/Mary Ann WATSON [Vic 8883
Euphemia Ann MILLER bp Carisbrook m 1894 Samuel CLOVER bp Bowenvale [Vic 885] (Bowenvale is between Dunolly and Maryborough)
Samuel CLOVER (b abt 1871) d 1939 aged 68 yrs Fitzroy s/o Thomas CLOVER/Eliz(abeth) Martha - [Vic 11421] (7 chn b 1895-1907 Carisbrook)

William Charles MILLER m1. 1838 Elizabeth SIPTHORPE

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