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William and Sarah ROBERTS arrived in Victoria in February 1852 from Van Diemen's Land and would have been part of the hugh increase in population due to the goldrushes which began in September 1851. There are few clues to the rest of their life and their deaths in Victoria have not been found.
One possibility, based on the fact that his son George (William) ROBERTS was living at Little River from at least 1859 to Feb 1862, is the death of a William ROBERTS in 1869 aged 83 yrs buried at Little River (formerly Rothwell) Cemetery. His parents were unknown and his birthplace was Cambridgeshire which is adjacent to Bedfordshire, so presumably a similar accent. The age is 9 yrs more than what was calculated from a single record at his trial but this is not beyond the realms of possibility.

It was at Spring Hill, Creswick, that their only child George William ROBERTS lived from March 1862 and was married on 17 Nov 1865. At this time his occupation was 'carter' and the occupation of his father was given as 'farmer'. So perhaps William was farming at Little River.

We have a photo of 'Great Great Grandmother Roberts' taken by a London photographer so we know Sarah returned to England. Because of the family resemblance we are sure of her identity and judging by her age (born 1804) and the fashion of her costume the photo was probably taken in the 1870s.

The elderly gentleman is thought to be her husband William ROBERTS (born abt 1795) and as he was about ten years older than Sarah he probably pre-deceased her.

Sarah ROBERTS       William ROBERTS

sarah back       hellis back

The top photographs of Sarah and William ROBERTS came from the family of John Gordon HUTCHINS, their great great grandson, via Graeme Martin.
Below them on the left is shown the back of the photo of Sarah ROBERTS taken by Hellis & Sons Photographers, London. On the right is an identical back in original condition showing the advertisement for the photographer with 12 branches in London. This was obtained from Roger Vaughan's website
Here there are examples of carte de vistes and cabinet cards to roughly date a Victorian lady. I have noted details such as the V-shaped, narrow-waisted peplum, pin-tucked panel in the fitted bodice and across the shoulders, fitted sleeves which are narrow at the wrist, many small covered buttons down the front, fitted skirt and a high frilled collar with a delicately crafted gold brooch which is similar to other Ballarat gold brooches I have seen. She is also wearing a long gold chain with a pendant which may be a locket or the equivalent of a man's fob watch. Also noted are the dangling jet earrings.

William ROBERTS m 1832 Sarah NEWPORT

Sarah NEWPORT in VDL prior to her marriage in 1832

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