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Rathkeale Parish Church

Rathkeale Parish Church 2005
County Limerick Ireland
Photo provided by Graeme Loughton

Irish Palatine Museum

Irish Palatine Museum

Amos SHUMACK 1812-1899
Amos SHOEMAKER was the second of the five known children of George SHOEMAKER [1783-1849] and Catherine nee SMELTZER [1784-1856]. He was baptised in the Church of Ireland at Rathkeale, County Limerick, on the 12th of April 1812 [IGI Batch No C700591 extracted from parish records]
Amos SHOEMAKER married Mary SHIER also at Rathkeale on the 6th of February 1841 [IGI Batch No M700591 extracted the parish records]
Both Amos and Mary were of Palatine stock, descendants of Rhineland emigrants who were settled on estates in Ireland during the reign of Queen Anne to increase the Protestant population.

Rathkeale Parish Church

Rathkeale Parish Church and Shier gravestone
Graeme Loughton, gr gr gr grandson of Amos SHUMACK and Mary SHIER

Amos SHUMACK was a gr gr grandson of Bartholomew SCHUMACHER [c1668-] who arrived in England from Germany via Holland in 1709 with his wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters. [Embarkation List from Holland Fourth Party - Embarked June 10 to June 19, Sailed June 21, 1709, Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration by Walter Allen Knittle]

Mary SHIER was born abt 1817 at Co Tipperary d/o John a brickmaker and Mary KENNEDY. Mary SHIER was a descendant of Johann Adam SCHEUER [c1674-1758], a husbandman and vinedresser, who was in the first party of Palatine refugees to reach London in 1709. [The Board of Trade List of First Party of Palatines in London, May 3, 1709 by Walter Allen Knittle]

And so goes this old rhyme from the Palatine settlements in County Limerick, related by P W Joyce in The Wonders of Ireland:

In the year seventeen hundred and nine
In came the brass-coloured Palatine
From the ancient banks of the Swabian Rhine.

Mary SHIER grew up in a time and place where the social climate was unpleasant. Another factor which may have contributed to the tension was the fact that she was the product of a mixed marriage. Her father John SHIER had married Mary KENNEDY who was not a member of the Palatine community.

Several observations made by Patrick O'Connor in his book PEOPLE MAKE PLACES, may be applied to Mary SHIER's family.
1. The landless tended to take non-Palatine partners which 'often led to a weakening or loss of identity.' 'Marriage to a Catholic meant instant pariah status for the spouse concerned.' [p177]
2. Emigration provided a safety valve for the Palatines who were pushed into a marginal existence.
3. The abrupt silences of the parish registers suggest a spate of leave taking on the part of young married couples. [p177]

Reference: PEOPLE MAKE PLACES : The Story of the Irish Palatines (1989) Patrick J O'Connor, Oireacht na Mumhan Books, County Limerick, Ireland.

Mary and Amos SHUMACK did just that. Within a few weeks of their marriage on 6 February 1841 at Rathkeale Co Limerick, they sailed from Cork on 19 March 1841 on the barque Royal Saxon bound for the Colony of NSW as Bounty Passengers for JB WERE Esq who received ©3962 for his consignment of 231 immigrants, 17 from England and the rest from Ireland, including 22 from Limerick and the largest group of 73 whose Native Place was Tipperary.

Amos SHUMACK 1812-1899 continued ...




Children of George SHOEMAKER 1783-1849 m 1805 Catherine SMELTZER 1784-1856

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