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Pensford church

St Thomas 'a Becket Church
Pensford, Somerset

Photo taken 1998

Stanton Drew church

Stanton Drew Parish Church, Somerset
5 Sep 2006

More images of Stanton Drew

William Nelson ANDREWS m 1822 Martha PRICE
William (Nelson) ANDREWS b 1803 from age at 1851 and 1881 British Census returns, or 1804 from 1871 British Census and age at death, or 1806 from 2nd marriage, s/o Langdon ANDREWS, Mason. Birthplace in 1851 Census was Stanton Drew, Somerset. In 1871 and 1881 Census returns it was Maidstone, Kent.
(Parish register entries for St Thomas a' Becket in Pensford and Publow are not online in the Latter Day Saints International Genealogical Index. There are entries online which are extracted from Publow Wesleyan Chapel records.)

1884 Death at Pensford St Thomas
William Nelson ANDREWS aged 80 yrs, Stone Cutter, died 11 Feb 1884 Pensford St Thomas R.S.D. Cause of death: Old Age, Certified by Edmund HALE L.R. C.P.Ed. Informant: Mary Ann PERRETT, grand niece, of Pensford St Thomas, present at death, registered 14 Feb 1884. [Entry No 246 in the Registration District of Clutton, Sub-district of Chew Magna, County of Somerset. Certificate provided by Wayne Sinclair] bur 12 Feb 1884 Pensford St Thomas a' Beckett Churchyard.

1822 Marriage at St Mary Redcliff
William ANDREWS, Bachelor, and Martha PRICE, Spinster, (no ages) were married 17 Aug 1822 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, by Banns, by Thomas F JENNINGS. Groom signed, bride made her mark in the presence of Henry COBLEY (hisXmark) and James GWYER. [copy of Register Entry No. 324, p108, certificate obtained 19 Mar 1884, displayed on the wall of Nelson House, Church Street, Pensford. Copy provided by Wayne Sinclair 1998]   Images of St Mary Redcliffe Parish Church

Nelson House

Nelson House in Church Street, Pensford opposite the church of St Thomas a' Becket.
Photo taken 5 Sep 2006

About fifteen title deeds and certificates relating to the SMITH and ANDREWS families were framed and displayed on the walls of Nelson House. Australians Wayne Sinclair and Jennifer Burrell saw these on separate visits in 1998 when the owner was Lyn Alyesbury and we were given notes on the history and ownership of Nelson House 1812-1884 made by Pete Humphries, a former owner.
In July 1813 Thomas SMITH the Elder (gr grandfather of George SMITH who married Melinda ANDREWS) purchased the property consisting of dwelling houses, gardens, stables and land. Subsequently much of the property was sold off, including some to members of the SMITH family.
On 22 Nov 1851, Betty SMITH (a daughter of Thomas SMITH the YOUNGER), now of West Maling in Kent, previously a spinster, but now recorded as a widow, together with her daughter Matilda Louise DAVIES (nee SMITH), sold the property to Martha ANDREWS (the wife of William ANDREWS, a mason) to be held in trust for her by Mr Wallington COATES, a gentleman of Stanton Court, Stanton Drew. (Apparently her husband was not to be trusted.) Martha and her husband named the principal two cottages which she now owned 'The Lord Nelson' and opened it formally as a 'beer house'.
The family became known by the name 'NELSON' as adopted by William ANDREWS in honour of his hero, Lord Nelson. Their children were variously christened with the surname of 'NELSON' OR 'ANDREWS' at St Thomas in Pensford.
When Martha died intestate in 1855 her eldest daughter Elizabeth LONGMAN and her husband occupied and ran 'The Lord Nelson', but when Martha's eldest son James died in 1873 he left all his property to Richard YANDELL, a law clerk of 1 All Saints Court, Bristol. Richard discovered that James was the eldest son and therefore rightful heir of the estate of Martha ANDREWS and made a successful claim on the probate in 1884, eleven years after the death of James.
He did this by obtaining documents and statements from two women who were both born and bred in Pensford, namely Ann PRICE, wife of Richard PRICE, and Amelia BEER, aged 68 yrs, dressmaker. They testified as to the reason why mistakes were made on the baptismal certificates of the NELSON/ANDREWS children and confirmed that they knew and could identify the 'Lord Nelson' beer house which had previously been the property of Martha, now occupied by Mr Joseph LONGMAN and his wife Elizabeth (ms SMITH).
All property formerly owned by Martha which included 'The Tenements, Beerhouse, Courthouse, Stables, Hereditements and premises known as the 'Lord Nelson' plus properties occupied by Richard BATT and Mary PRICE' was sold by Richard YANDELL on 25 March 1884 to George THATCHER for £201.


Martha PRICE b 20 Jan 1805 Pensford, chr 3 Mar 1805 Publow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Pensford d/o Joseph PRICE/Elizabeth of Publow Parish [IGI Batch Number C083861]
Martha ANDREWS aged 53 yrs, Abode: St Thomas in Pensford died 8 Jul 1858 aged 53 yrs at St Thomas in Pensford, Wife of William Nelson ANDREWS, Shoemaker (Master), died of Enteritis which she suffered for 5 days before her death. (Debra Persson)
Martha ANDREWS aged 53 yrs, Abode: St Thomas in Pensford was buried 11 Jul 1858 St Thomas a' Becket Churchyard [Certificate of burial obtained 21 Mar 1884, Stanton Drew, displayed on the wall of Nelson House. Copy provided by Wayne Sinclair 1998]

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Who departed this life Feb. 11th, 1884,
Interred in Pensford Churchyard.
Memory Of
Martha wife of
William Nelson Andrews
Who died July 8th 1858
Aged 53 Years
At left: Inscription on headstone
of grave of Martha ANDREWS
in Pensford St Thomas churchyard

(Wayne Sinclair)

Above is one of several funeral cards sent from England to Melinda SMITH (nee ANDREWS) who immigrated to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in 1852. Along with other papers, photos and letters they were passed down through four generations to Melinda's daughter Georgina WHITE STOREY HANSEN (nee SMITH 1853-1922), to her eldest son James Henry George WHITE (1872-1961), to his daughter Maisie Lylia SMITH (nee WHITE 1909-), and are now in the keeping of her daughter Delcie Margaret BARLOW (nee SMITH 1946-) Copies were provided by Wayne SINCLAIR, a second cousin of Delcie BARLOW, and a grandson of Rosie Georgina DUFFIN (nee WHITE 1887-1966, sister of Jas Hy Geo WHITE).
Debra Persson is also a grandaughter of Rosie Georgina DUFFIN (nee WHITE) from Clement James DUFFIN (1912-1986) and his daughter Heather Dawn PERSSON (nee DUFFIN 1945-) She has a genealogical website at Rootsweb. Debra Persson's website
Jennifer Burrell is a gr grandaughter of Henry George SMITH, eldest son of George SMITH and Melinda ANDREWS. As well as this website she has produced a family history book about the SMITH family from Pensford and one about Georgina's descendants in Australia. Details at A History of the Smith Family and Georgina, both now unavailable.

In 1849 William Nelson ANDREWS was a witness to the marriage of Richard CHAPPLE and Ann Maria EXON on 19 Mar 1849 in the Parish of Stanton Drew, District of Clutton, Somerset. The other witness was Elizabeth EXON, mother of the bride. The marriage ceremony was performed by Charles Henry TYLER, Curate of Stanton Drew & St Thomas, Pensford. According to the 1851 Census, the Reverend Tyler was 38, born in Calcutta in the East Indies, a British subject & living with his wife and family at Abercombe Lodge, Stanton Drew.
Richard CHAPPLE was born and raised in Walcot, Bath and Ann Maria EXON was born in the Parish of St James, Bath, Somerset. They, with their 3 eldest children immigrated to Australia in 1855 and settled in Ballarat near the daughter of William Nelson ANDREWS, Melinda. She married George Smith in 1850 and they had immigrated to Australia in 1852. (John Chapple, great grandson of the couple has sent this information which goes to show that the families would have known each other in the old country and most likely met up on the goldfields of Ballarat.)

1841 British Census taken 6/7 June [HO 107, Piece 947, Folio 10, Page 15]
Dwelling Parish of St Thomas in Pensford, Sub-registration district of Chew Magna, Registration district of Clutton, Hundred of Keynsham, Somerset, England
ANDREWS Martha 30, Elizabeth 15, James 13, Malinda 11, William 10, Langdon 8, George 6, John 3 (all born in the County of Somerset)

1851 British Census taken at midnight 30/31 March [HO 107/1983 Ed 8 Folio 315 Piece 16 Page 307]
Dwelling Salters Brook, Parish of Thomas, Township of Pensford, Sub-district of Harptree, Registration district of Clutton, Somerset, England
ANDREWS William, Head, 48 yrs, Shoemaker, born Stanton Drew
ANDREWS Martha, Wife, 46 yrs, born Pensford
ANDREWS William, Son, 20 yrs, Agricultural Labourer, born Pensford
ANDREWS John, Son, 13 yrs, born Pensford.

1852 Chew Magna Directory p411
ANDREWS William Nelson, Boot and Shoemaker in Pensford (Debra Persson)

Children of William Nelson ANDREWS and Martha PRICE

Matilda Louise SMITH was born 1804 Pensford out of wedlock to William Nelson ANDREWS and Betsey/Betty SMITH. Matilda married DAVIES.

William Nelson ANDREWS m2. 1860 Eliza CONDICT
George SMITH m 1850 Melinda ANDREWS

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