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Saint Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
St Mary Redcliffe Chapel St Mary Redcliffe

Left: The parish church of St Mary Redcliffe after a drawing by John Buckler in 1829. This was much the same as the church appeared for over 400 years after the original spire collapsed in a storm in the 1440s. The spire was rebuilt in 1872.
Middle: George SMITH and Melinda ANDREWS were married in this chapel at Saint Mary Redcliffe 21 April 1850. On the 21 May 1852 they sailed on the Priam to Australia with their infant daughter Caroline. This is Jennifer Burrell (ms Smith) in the chapel in 1998.
Right: St Mary Redcliffe by the River Avon in Bristol in 1998.

Melinda's parents, William Nelson ANDREWS and Martha PRICE, were also married at St Mary Redcliffe on 17 Aug 1822.

St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
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George SMITH m 1850 Melinda ANDREWS

William Nelson ANDREWS m 1822 Martha PRICE

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