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Mary Ann MICHELL and Ethel

Mary Ann MICHELL and daughter Ethel
Photo provided by Leanne Trevena
John MICHELL m 1897 Mary Ann SPARK
3. Mary Ann SPARK b 2 Mar 1869 Clunes d/o George SPARK/Elizabeth CARMICHAEL [Vic 7566]
Mary Ann MICHELL d 15 Mar 1949 aged 80 yrs Ballarat d/o George SPARK/Elizabeth CARMICHAEL [Vic 16221]
Mary Ann SPARK bp Clunes m 28 Apr 1897 Ballarat, John MICHELL bp Enfield [Vic 3736]
John MICHELL b 26 Mar 1864 Litt(le Hard Hills) s/o John MICHELL, Farmer, and Catherine McGRATH [Vic 20372 as MITCHELL]
John MICHELL d 14 May 1933 aged 69 yrs Ballarat s/o Dennis MICHELL/Catherine Unknown [Vic 13594] Occupation: Farm Manager

Leanne Trevena has a paper written by by her grandmother Margaret Gaffney (nee Michell): "My mother's name was Mary Ann Spark & John Michell. Dad died 1933. Mum 1949. They had six children: Ethel (Mrs Cole), Annie (Mrs Crockford), Mary (Mrs Haley), John (Dead), Phillip (Dead), Margaret Gaffney (myself)".

Six children and a foster child of John MICHELL and Mary Ann SPARK:

1. Ethel May SPARK b 18 Mar 1894 Allandale d/o -/Mary Ann SPARK [Vic 116]
Ethel May COLE d Oct 1980 (no age, abt 86 yrs) CAMP (Camperdown) d/o unk/- [Vic 14513]
Ethel May SPARK m 1918 Robert COLE [Vic 8930]
Robert COLE b 1874 Yarpturk (Port Fairy area) s/o George COLE Sarah (Ann) NICHOLSON (NICHOLS) [Vic 6381]
Robert COLE d 1969 aged 95 yrs Camperdown s/o George COLE/Sarah NICHOLSON [Vic 25106] bur Camperdown.

Children of Robert COLE and Ethel May SPARK:
1. Dau b 1919 Camperdown.
2. Robert Gordon COLE (b abt 1921) d 1979 aged 58 yrs Warr(nambool?) s/o Robert COLE/Ethel May unk [Vic 26068]
3. Dau COLE
4. Dau COLE
5. Dau COLE

2. Annie MICHELL b 19 Mar 1898 Napoleons d/o John MICHELL/Mary SPARK [Vic 13117]
Annie d 8 Nov 1985 (no other details) (LT)
Annie CROCKFORD d 1985 (no age, 87 yrs) Colac d/o Charles MITCHELL/Kary Ann [Vic 26014] (Parents' names not quite right, Charles was her late husband's name, Kary should be Mary, prob an indexing error)
Annie MICHELL had a daughter Catherine b 2 Aug 1918 CHAP d/o Unknown/Annie MICHELL [Vic 18592] Catherine was raised by her grandparents John and Mary Ann MICHELL as their foster child (see below No. 7)
Annie MITCHELL (MITCHELL) m 1923 Charles CROCKFORD [Vic 8127]
Charles CROCKFORD b 1891 Mailors Flat s/o Frederick CROCKFORD/Carol BAINE [Vic 24822] (Mailors Flat abt 10k N of Warrnambool)
Charles CROCKFORD d 1964 aged 72 yrs Colac s/o Frederick CROCKFORD/Caroline BAYNE [Vic 14064]

Annie MICHELL m Harry BIBBY lived Sebastopol (Peter Spark)
Poss Henry BIBBY b 1887 Elmore s/o James BIBBY/Sarah GALLOWAY [Vic 19265]
Henry BIBBY m1. 1923 Harriet Isabel WASON [Vic 8077]
Harriet Isabella WASON b 1888 Goornong d/o Andrew WASON/Mary CONNEL_ [Vic 11862]
Harriet Isabel BIBBY d 1964 aged 76 yrs Bendigo d/o Andrew C WASON/Mary CONNELL [Vic 10567]

Not to be confused with another Annie MICHELL b 1893 at Sydenham d/o of Albert James MICHELL/Maggie MOONEY [Vic 7643]
Annie WHALEBONE d 1977 aged 85 yrs St Kilda d/o Albert MICHELL/Margaret MOONEY [Vic 11340]
Annie MICHELL m 1915 Ernest Aubrey WHALEBONE [Vic 8538]
Ernest Aubrey WHALEBONE b 1892 Hawthorn s/o William WHALEBONE/Edith Emma WAIN [Vic 23806]
Ernest Aubrey WHALEBONE d 1945 aged 53 yrs South Yarra s/o William WHALEBONE/Edith WAIN [Vic 4196]
This couple had a dau Alice Mavis b & d 1917 South Yarra and a dau Dorothy Annie b 1918 South Yarra.

3. Mary (Elizabeth) MICHELL b 23 Feb 1900 Dereel d/o John MICHELL/Mary SPARK [Vic 10445]
Mary Elizabeth HALEY d 1983 (no age, abt 83 yrs) East Malvern d/o John MICHELL/Mary Ann [Vic 21145]
Mary MICHELL m 1916 Alex HALEY [Vic 920]
Alexander HALEY b 1883 Whim Holes (nr Enfield/Dereel) s/o Henry HALEY/Mary O'LEARY [Vic 6155]
Alexander Leslie HALEY d 1964 aged 81 yrs Inglewood s/o Henry HALEY/Mary O'LEARY [Vic 21413]

Children of Alexander Leslie HALEY and Mary Elizabeth MICHELL:
1. Kathleen HALEY b 1916 Napoleons d/o Alexander Leslie HALEY/Mary Elizabeth MICHELL [Vic 14371]
Kathleen HALEY m 1938 Norman Arthur DECKER [Vic 13835]
Norman Arthur DECKER b 1913 Geelong s/o Gustav Albert DECKER/Bertha PROPISH [Vic 12768]
2. William HALEY b 1917 Ballarat s/o Alexander Leslie HALEY/Mary Elizabeth MICHELL [Vic 26047]
William Victor HALEY d 1954 aged 36 yrs Melbourne s/o Alexander Le(slie) HALEY/Mary Elizabeth MICHELL [Vic 4724]
3. Mary Theresa HALEY b 1920 Ballarat d/o Alexander Leslie HALEY/Mary Elizabeth MICHELL [Vic 443]
Mary Theresa HALEY m 1941 Ronald James HAYES [Vic 5992]
Sydney James Ron HAYES (b abt 1919) d 1978 aged 66 yrs Geelong s/o William HAYES/Morwina ARNOLD [Vic 28579]
4. Leslie Thomas HALEY (b abt 1922) d 1975 aged 53 yrs Echuca s/o Alec HALEY/Mary MITCHELL [Vic 20178]
5. dau HALEY
6. (Harry) Harold Alexander HALEY b 1928, d 26 Jan 2005 Echuca, crem 31 Jan 2005 Bromley Chapel, Echuca [Funeral notice, Leanne Trevena]
7. son HALEY
8. son HALEY

4. John MICHELL b 14 Jan 1902 Dereel s/o John MICHELL/Mary SPARK [Vic 2402]
John MICHELL d 1 Jun 1934 aged 32 yrs Ballarat s/o John MICHELL/Mary Ann SPARK [Vic 13803] Single

5. Phillip MICHELL b 24 Jan 1904 Dereel d/o John MICHELL/Mary SPARKS [Vic 2481]
Phillip MICHELL d 11 Dec 1969 aged 65 yrs Ballarat s/o John MICHELL/unk [Vic 27964]
Phillip MICHELL 65 yrs, Res: Queen Elizabeth Home, Ballarat, bur 13 Dec 1969 Ballarat New Cemetery [Lawn F 1R17]
Phillip MICHELL m 1928 Hilda May SHARPE [Vic 3895]
Hilda May SHARP b 1898 Scarsdale d/o William SHARP/Julia BATEMAN [Vic 14167]
Hilda May MICHELL d 1985 (no age, abt 88 yrs) Ballarat d/o William SHARPE/Julia - [Vic 14954]
Hilda May MICHELL 88 yrs Res: QE Geriatic Centre, Ballarat, bur 26 Jun Ballarat New Cemetery [Lawn F 1R17]

Children of Phillip MICHELL and Hilda May SHARP:
1. Alice MICHELL b abt 1930, d 1930 (no age) Rokewood d/o Phillip MICHELL/Hilda May SHARP [Vic 3186]
2. Julia Margaret MICHELL b abt 1933, d 1941 aged 8 yrs Ballarat d/o Philip MICHELL/Hilda May SHARP [Vic 15170]
Julia Margaret MICHELL 9 yrs Res: Enfield, bur Ballarat New Cemetery [C of E Section 5 Location 6R1]
3. son b 1935 (LT)
4. son b 1937 (LT)

6. Margaret MICHELL b 8 Apr 1909 Dereel s/o John MICHELL/Mary SPARKS [Vic 10172]
Margaret GAFFNEY d 1982 aged 73 yrs Kyabram Hospital d/o John MICHELL/Mary Ann SPARK [Vic 20543] bur 8 Jul 1982 Kyabram Cemetery (LT)
Margaret MICHELL m1. 1935 Robert Norman COCKERILL [Vic 3370] m at All Saints Church, Ballarat (2 dau, 1 son) (LT)
Ronald Norman COCKERILL b 3 Feb 1914 Ballarat East s/o Robert Norman COCKERILL/Hilda Lilian LAKELAND [Vic 500]
Robert Norman COCKERILL d 4 Apr 1985 (no age, 71 yrs) Sale Hospital, parents unknown [Vic 9235] bur 4 Apr 1985 Lake Tyers Aboriginal Mission, Gippsland (LT)

Margaret m2. 8 Aug 1976 Shepparton, Frank GAFFNEY who was previously married with 2 dau (LT)
Francis GAFFNEY b 15 Apr 1918 in Tasmania, d 13 June 2001 aged 83 yrs Kyabram, bur Kyabram Cemetery with wife Margaret. (LT)
Francis Norman GAFFNEY m1. 1935 Lucy Florence McGRATH [1425]
Lucy Florence GAFFNEY d 1965 aged 50 yrs Mansfield d/o Terrence McGRATH/Mary Clare OHEA [Vic 6258]

7. (Kit) Catherine MICHELL b 2 Aug 1918 CHAP (Possibly Chapple Vale in the Otways south of Camperdown and Colac) d/o -/Annie MICHELL [Vic 18592] (Foster child of John and Mary Ann MICHELL)
Catherine DUXSON d 14 Aug 1996 aged 78 yrs Kyabram Hospital, bur 16 Aug 1996 Kyabram Cemetery (LT)
Catherine MICHELL m1. 1 Oct 1938 Melbourne, George Frederick TRELLER [Vic 15718] (CC) (Divorced)
George Frederick TRELLER b 19 Jun 1916 Victoria s/o Henry Frederick TRELLER/- HILDEBRAND (CC)
(In 1875 a John TRELLER bp Germany m Elizabeth HILDEBRAND so perhaps there is some confusion about the generations)
George Frederick TRELLER b 1916 South Melbourne s/o Henry TRELLER/Alice May Vi(ctoria) GAINGE [Vic 14008]
George Frederick TRELLER d 19 May 1992 aged 75 yrs Ballarat (LT)
Death Notice: TRELLER George Frederick, May 19, at Ballarat. Loved son of Alice and Henry. Brother of Doll, Bonnie (all dec), Bill and Vic. Your suffering is over - Love Bill, Elcea and family. (LT from a Melbourne newspaper)
George Frederick TRELLER 75 yrs, crem 22 May 1992, RG H BED4 [only one Treller in Ballarat New Cemetery Register]

Children of George Frederick TRELLER and Catherine MICHELL:
Margaret Eleanor TRELLER b 16 May 1939 Merlynston, d 18 May 1939 (age code D) Merlynston d/o George Frederick TRELLER/Catherine MICHEL_ [Vic 4198]
2. son b 1940, 3. son, 4. son, 5. dau, 6. son (more details from Caroline Cavanagh)

Catherine m2. Vince FORTE (date, place, unknown) (one son) (LT)
Vincent James EGAN b 1907 Carton s/o Unknown/Mary Agnes EGAN [Vic 25168]
(James Thomas FORTE m 1908 Mary Agnes EGAN bp Amphitheatre [Vic 1051])
Vincent James FORTE d 1976 aged 68 yrs Moor s/o James FORTE/Mary EGAN [Vic 333]

Catherine m3. (Bill) Almond William DUXSON
Almond William DUXSON b 6 Dec 1913 (LT)
Almond William DUXSON b 1913 Marnoo s/o James Alexander DUXSON/Mable (Mable) WHITFORD [Vic 32898] Died aged 91 yrs (~2005) Kyabram (LT)
Almond William DUXON (DUXON) m1. 1938 Hilda Morfydd LEWIS [Vic 7763]

Corrections and additions June 2004 from Caroline Cavanagh who had information from Susan Treller. This has been verified by Vic BDMs. Cole descendant is Lorene Latham. Update in April-May 2007 from Leanne Trevena.

Children of George SPARK m 1866 Elizabeth CARMICHAEL

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