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When searching for burial details on the internet we readily find great lists of cemeteries which are often little more than brochures for the cemetery. What genealogists find really useful is a searchable database with full details of burials. Fortunately there are some outstanding models of good practice for internet users. The following are worth a look if the places are of interest to you. They can all be found from the Ballarat & District Genealogical Society website www.ballaratgenealogy.org.au/

Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park, Melbourne (First burial 1906)
Click on 'Main Site' to view a sidebar and click on 'Deceased Search'. By following the prompts you will be able to find: name, age, service date and location. For many there will be a date of death and information about others who share the same grave. One more click will bring up a printable map with the exact location of the grave highlighted. (Search also includes Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, records begin 1875.)

Cranbourne Public Cemetery (1850-2003)
Full details online from Cranbourne Cemetery Register. Search by letter of the alphabet for the surname.

Preston Public Cemetery, City of Darebin, Melbourne (1864-2000)
A 'Grave Search' by surname only will give: surname, first name, date of burial, age and location.

Will Will Rook Cemetery (1860 to at least 1944) - was a parish in the County of Bourke, township by the Merri Creek, City of Broadmeadows

(copy and paste this very long web address)
A search by surname will show both names, age, year of burial, location, religion, suburb resided and in many cases occupations.

Geelong & District Burials Search
This site generally covers the area ranging from Cape Otway to Grovedale and the Bellarine Peninsula, to the north east as far as Werribee and west to the southern fringe of Ballarat.

For the largest cemeteries - Geelong Western Cemetery (1834-1999), Geelong Eastern Cemetery (1836-1999) and Geelong Crematorium Memorial Park (1970-1999), limited information is given online about burials: name, year only and which cemetery.
This also applies to Drysdale (1850-1998), Grovedale (1855-1999), Highton (1856-1999), Leopold (1860-1999), Portarlington (1862-1998) and a smattering of smaller cemeteries.
This would seem to be a good compromise. There is sufficient information for family historians to be fairly sure that they have the right person before they make further enquires and pay a fee for full details.
However, full details can be viewed for at least 17 quite major cemeteries including Rokewood (1855-2000), Staffordshire Reef (1860-1998) and the Werribee area plus many, many other smaller cemeteries sweeping around the Geelong district.

Cemeteries of SW Victoria by Ian Marr
A very extensive site giving full details of burials for 123 cemeteries some of which are also available on the Geelong site. Each cemetery link gives the number of burials. The largest are Tower Hill (4280), Horsham (4066, in the Wimmera), Terang (3899), Port Fairy (3258) and Casterton (2549). Some of these large cemeteries with mega data take a while to load.

Clunes Cemetery Listing as 4 pdfs - links from this page

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board - Perth WA
Has a searchable database for records at Karrakatta (from 1899) and Crematorium (from 1937), Fremantle (from 1898), Midland (from late 1880s), Guildford (from late 1880s) and Pinaroo (from 1978). 'Search by Name' enables you to find details of a deceased person, including date of death, cemetery and grave location. This is worth a look for people who disappeared from the Victorian goldfields when the mining declined in the late 19th century and may have made a new life in the west. On the B&DGS website there are links to a number of other cemeteries including one with the transcriptions of many town cemeteries in WA.

Hopefully a session on the internet will save some time wandering around cemeteries or visiting centres where records may be lodged.

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