Ballarat East Petty Sessions - court book extracts

VPRS 290 Ballarat East Petty Sessions Unit 61
25 August 1908, Item 892
Constable James SOLNEY v James BUCHANAN, William ENGLAND, Mathew GUTHRIE.
Summons issued 18 August.
Charge: On the 15th August 1908 at Mount Clear, defendants did play an unlawful game, namely 'two up'.
Each fined 5, by distress in default 14 days.

VPRS 290 Ballarat East Petty Sessions Unit 61
19 August 1908, Item 886 Annie CARRINGTON v William KEYS.
Summons issued 14 August 1908.
Charge: That the defendant is the father of a child which she will bear. Fees 2/6.

Usually the mother sued for maintenance after the birth of an illegitimate child but occasionally the indexing team has come across incidences of mothers suing for confinement costs, such as the one above. Therefore it may be worth checking court records before the birth of the child as well as in the months afterwards.
(This example of chasing paternity through court records is in Part 2 of the BEPS Index which became available in October 2005.)


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